Trash and COVID-19

I just got a notice from my trash pick up service that because of the virus they will now only allow trash removal from the contracted containers, no extra trash bags etc (even though we pay for this service). The reason given is there is less contact for the person picking up the trash. I do find this somewhat odd because I assume these people are take proper precautions on a regular basis just because of all the nastiness they encounter everyday.

Not much of a problem for me because I recycle when possible and food scraps go to the chicken and worms. But it just seems like an odd thing now because of the virus. Maybe I need to do more to cut back on trash.


  • herbantherapy
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    When there is only cans the truck can usually mechanically dump them but a person has to handle/touch any extra bags of trash. Even with gloves/masks etc the potential of a worker touching a contaminated bag and then touching their face or a door handle that someone without gloves might touch is much higher. I’m sure they are doing everything they can to flatten the curve without completely shutting down.

    My husband and I started taking our trash to the dump ourselves because the local bear family knows Friday morning is trash day here. We were tired of the bears coming around so we keep our cans in the garage and they don’t get put out on Thursday night. Our neighbors still have a mess most weeks and their dogs go crazy but we don’t have to deal with it ourselves.

    All this to say we became hyper aware of our trash output! We recycled before but now I’m very careful about packaging! The way things are packaged to sell or shipped is insane! So MUCH PLASTIC! This inspired me to not be lazy and actually make all my cleaning products (before I run out!) and many of our foods like bread and dessert products.

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    @herbantherapy thanks for your comments, definitely an eye opener for me.

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    We've been told the same thing except we even have to put our recycling in bags inside our recycling container.

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    We've been told that it isn't safe to have people sorting the recyclables right now so everything is going to the landfill.

    I am so thankful for all of the people working hard out there to keep things running. If we have to forgo recycling for awhile to keep people safe, so be it. We tend to reuse more than recycle anyway and we've never been consumers of bottled beverages, so the impact on our family is minimal.

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    We have discovered that since we also recycle, re-purpose, etc. that we have very little trash. It will be cheaper to rent a pickup and take it to the dump ourselves every couple of months. We rinse everything and put stinky stuff in used ziplock type bags. Pretty sure I'm going to cancel ours. I hope they are still recycling here because I have a lot of it lol, never seem to make it over there. If not I may just keep it until they start or sadly may have to take it to the dump as well.

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    I agree that it is a nuisance, and unfair if you are paying for the service. It could turn out to be a good thing, though. I always say that one of the greatest blows to liberty and self reliance was when people began allowing/expecting other people to deal with their garbage. I know it is difficult in the city. But, it wasn't long ago when most folks did deal with their own garbage - scraps for the chickens, meat and bread scraps for the dogs, a pig bin, compost, even burning or burying it. People were far more aware of glass and cans (now, we could add plastic, and tons of it), the waste they were generating that had to go to a dump. And, maybe it was because of the Depression and war rationing, but folks didn't like to waste glass, tin, etc. Even in my life time, I remember when you could return soda bottles for 5 cents. Now, it is all out of sight, out of mind, and who really cares how much you throw away? And, never mind that most municipal recycling programs waste more resources and energy than not recycling... it makes people feel better about not taking responsibility for their own garbage. But, that convenience comes at a great price. We pay our taxes for convenience, but end up dependent. In recent decades we've seen when garbage collectors go on strike... and cities basically shut down. I learned a lot, growing up where the power would go out for extended periods during hurricanes and big snow storms each year. Doing without that convenience taught me self reliance. I think most people still get to experience power and internet outages, and I don't think that is a bad thing (except when someone is on a ventilator, or something along those lines). Maybe people will benefit from having to take more responsibility for their garbage, too. I heard someone say the other day, "What will school administrators say when the schools re-open, and they find that the kids actually got smarter staying home and being home-schooled?" Anyway, I see less reliance on public services as a good thing, for the most part.

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    @Louise Only contracted containers here in town as well. Another reason I hate living in town and planning my departure to the woods/forest/bush as soon as possible.

    Which bear country do you live around? We have black bear here in Okla and when I have lived in the country they and the cougars loved moving around at night dusk or dawn.

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    No changes here yet but I have wondered. No bears either :)

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    @silvertipgrizz I am in east central Ohio, no bear here, that was comment from @herbantherapy. Btw I changed my sign on name to OhiohillsLouise to avoid confusion.

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