Any suggestions on how to control raspberry crazy ants

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Does anyone have experience or a suggestion on how to control raspberry crazy ants organically. Two years ago all the fire ants disappeared from our 2 acres and were replaced by the raspberry crazy ants. After researching and talking to professional exterminators I found out that is what they are. I’m very sensitive to biochemicals, but had to have the house treated because they had gotten into the walls and can apparently destroy the electrical wiring. I only want to treat organically in my greenhouse and garden, but cannot find any recommendations on what will work. The fire ants I could keep under control with orange oil and horticulture molasses. Since the crazy ants don’t build the mounds that I can see, I don’t know where to treat. Is there a bait that works?


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    I saw those in TX.... they really scare me. The can do so much damage! I'll follow this in hopes someone has a good answer.

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    I never heard of them but I'll see if I can find anything on them.

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    note the chemical the rasp ants use to protect themselves from the fire ants. Knowing that may lead you to the type of control you desire. this is one of the articles I just found and to me it looks pretty cut and dry once the ants are in numbers out of control the best plan is to have a professional who knows how to handle thise ants advise you. I find it interesting they have an affinity for electronics which tells me you might be able to attract them with what ever electronic thing they would come to and then hit them with boiling water, after noting where their nest was as not getting the queen's, yes plural and the workers they are said to come back via spring and summer reproduction habits.

    this article also tells what they like and thus how to clear things like dead fall, standing water, etc in hopes of keeping them away from your property once you are able to get rid of them.

    The biting little black/red ants in my yard are getting the boiling water tomorrow...I am quite tired of their bites and I don't like pesticides either.

    I wonder if these ants came over on a ship...they look tropical and scary.