Adventures in High Performance Gardening 16 - Harvesting Our First Cabbage!

Marjory Wildcraft
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Hey! It's Marjory from The Grow Network and Lynn from The Living Farm. In this episode of Adventures in High Performance Gardening we show you what to do when harvesting cabbage and trellising peas.

Starting the garden from Lynn's advice has really paid off - no weeds to pick this time! Since we keep the garden clean, we also minimize bugs, increase the aesthetics, and create a nice habitat for higher yields.

I love when the tomatoes start to ripen, the kale is blooming, and cabbage is as heavy as gym weights! I bet you can grow huge cabbage where you live too! Fermented cabbage lasts for years. No wonder this is the most cultivated vegetable in ALL of recorded history...

It's important that we provide simple solutions for people without tools in this series. So we created a trellis system out of PVC for tall pea plants. Some pea varieties can grow trellis-free, though. There's always a way to get home grown food on your table!

Tell me how you like to grow, cook, and preserve cabbage!