Rhubarb Cordial or How I Make Fruit Cordials

Linda Bittle
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I came up with this rhubarb cordial when I had a lot of free rhubarb to process. It was pretty good, and different.

Rhubarb Cordial

Linda Bittle

Fill a quart jar 2/3 full with raw rhubarb stalks, cut into matchsticks.

Cover with 1 ½ cups organic sugar.

Fill jar to top with cheap brandy.

Shake once or twice a day until sugar is dissolved – make sure brandy covers fruit – you may have to add more brandy after a few days. I like to do this for 6-8 weeks before straining.

Strain fruit out (save it!), and taste to see if it needs more sugar. (I add simple syrup if it needs sweetening. This also adds a bit of body if it’s too thin. If it has a lot of sediment, I will strain a second time through cheesecloth, but it’s not necessary to do it.


Now, heat a tablespoon of butter in a hot skillet and add the fruit you strained out. Stir until its caramelized, adding more sugar and/or cinnamon if wanted. This makes a wonderful treat with vanilla ice cream (although it looks kind of odd), or can be the base of a crisp. I bet an apple or two chopped into the skillet would be a nice addition.

This is pretty much how I make raspberry, blackberry and peach cordials, too.