What is it that got you here?

JodieDownUnder Posts: 1,482 admin

I've enjoyed getting involved with The Grow Network. Like minded people sharing knowledge, ideas, tips and thoughts. In this digital age and a growing movement of healthy, stress free living, it's difficult to navigate correct, truthful information. There are so many individuals, companies, groups trying to get their message, product out. Watch this webinar, watch that, read this, try this!

I have chosen The Grow Network for practical advice. Food Revolution for the science behind what we put in our mouths. Learning Herbs for extra advice on natural medicine.

How do you fathom what works for you?


  • Linda Bittle
    Linda Bittle Posts: 1,500 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I like learning (or relearning) the things my grandparents knew. We can't afford to loose the old ways knowledge! I'm especially interested in herbs and gardening.

  • Karin
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    I enjoy reading everyone's ideas and experience, also the video courses and of course the Summits - such a lot of useful, interesting information, that I can't wait to put more fully into practice.

    Also, everyone here is "on the same page" so to speak, we all want to have some degree of self-sufficiency and control over our food and our health :)

  • gardneto76
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    @jodienancarrow you are absolutely correct! There are so many people and groups that want to teach you something about your health, it is easy to get over inundated with information. I love the Grow Network for many the different resources here. I have participated in the food Revolution as well, even listening to a few speakers a few times. I have a bad habit of signing up for to many classes that I intended to take, but have never caught them all. Now I have learned to be more selective. I will sign up for a whole program but only attend the parts that I am initially interested in, that way it doesn’t take my whole day. Or I get to caught up in other things and don’t prioritize what I really want to learn about from the presentation.

  • JodieDownUnder
    JodieDownUnder Posts: 1,482 admin

    @gardneto76 I agree with you. I think I'll have time to do a summit or webinar etc and then find I missed it, only watched a part of it or lost interest. So now I am much more selective, have unsubscribed from many, so I'm not inundated with emails I never read!

    I am looking forward to TGN summit starting soon.

  • Homestead Hubby
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    I bought a few things over the years and like what I have gotten. Continuing to be a part is easy after good service.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Stumbling across a Summit is what brought me here. It is interesting that this has become my primary forum to be on. I am happy to learn more & freely share what I know. Sharing is important.

    As @Mary Linda Bittle stated, and I wholeheartedly back, is that we can't afford to lose ancient knowledge. I am so proud of my gardening, pioneering, transient (because of hardships) heritage. That of resourceful hard workers. They found ways to improve the most marginal soil & thrive with little resources.

    This is a way to honor my past.

  • OhiohillsLouise
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    I’m not really sure how I found the grow network, it was probably an evolution of or maybe a convergence of sources. I want to grow much of what I eat, in a clean natural way. There are so many gaps in my knowledge so having this network helps fill in the gaps in doses that are manageable. The gaps wills never be completely filled but that is part of the adventure!

  • JodieDownUnder
    JodieDownUnder Posts: 1,482 admin

    @OhiohillsLouise we never stop learning. I've been involved in agriculture and horticulture for many years and pick up ideas and info all the time. This forum is very handy. Like you, I want to grow clean, organic food, to stay healthy and age gracefully.