David the Good – How To Start Your First Vegetable Garden Without Breaking The Bank

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imageDavid the Good – How To Start Your First Vegetable Garden Without Breaking The Bank


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  • kchiarini
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    David, you crazy man. Love ya. I saw your video from Monday as well. Love your no-nonsense, frugal style. I am more inspired than ever to take on the challenge of planting. I have started a bunch of tomato and basil seeds in my apartment in Brooklyn, NY. I'm not planting them in my 10' x 8' garden b/c of a problem with stray cats doing their business there, but I bought some containers I'll put them in when they are a little taller, unless you have a remedy to have the cats go elsewhere. For the record, I love cats...I'm a foster mommy of them, but I'd prefer not to digest their stuff. I was cooking while watching it so I couldn't take any notes, so I'm going to watch it again. Thanks bunches. I'll definitely reach out to you with questions. Oh, by the way, I didn't see a link to Start Composting on the right as Marjory suggested. Did I miss it, Marjory? Anyway, would love to get it. I'm glad you said I didn't need a big tumbler b/c my space is pretty small. Thxxxx!

  • D
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    Great talk. I don't see the link to download the super easy composting guide. Please direct me to how to find that. Thank you. D

  • Mahogany913
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    Hello, enjoyed the presentation - laid back and simple! thanks for that :-) I didn't see a link to Start Composting what actually came up was a different selection Grow or Die: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening? 

  • Jamie
    Jamie Posts: 8

    Finally, someone who knows that you don't need expensive systems or major gear to create your garden. Down-to-earth advice done with great humor. Everyone should start with this approach before deciding what to add on or supplement with. Couldn't thank you enough, David...

  • Molly
    Molly Posts: 20

    Always a pleasure, David. I kind of feel like that bit about the stick that used to be your pride and joy Cherokee Purple might be based on personal experience. LOL

    Up here in the north (I know where Fort McCoy is) we have to start our seeds early for things like tomatoes and peppers. You're right, it's much less expensive buying the seeds, and it's fun to be able to try different varieties and see how they compare.

  • Taniko
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    I've enjoyed your presentations on this platform for years.

    Last year I put in four 18 inch tall raised beds. I did this because I'm tall and have a bad back. This way I can sit and garden. If this is not the case for someone, what are the advantages of having a few-inches-tall raised bed -over not being raised at all?

    I also decided on 3 feet between the beds for the sake of being able to run a wheelbarrow or a garden cart between them, with extra room at corners (especially for when I want to expand this garden).

    Congrats on now having your OWN homestead!