Geoff Lawton – Property Purchase Checklist

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imageGeoff Lawton – Property Purchase Checklist


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  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Good morning! I don't think Geoff will be online :( But I'll do my best, and gosh we have some super knowledgable people in our community so feel free to jump in.

    BTW, did you know there is an ebook on "7 SHortcuts To FInding The Perfect Survival Retreat" in the Grow Network library. I took many years and thousands of miles to write that one. LOL

  • andrea
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    Thanks Geoff for your presentation. Wow, I'm learning so much from this summit. Thank you Marjory bringing this information to us. Knowledge is power and now we are empowered to make changes for the betterment of our communities and the world!

  • Molly
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    Loved this presentation. Minor quibble: there's no checklist, so I think a title tweak might be in order. That said, what I've learned to look for in a property, based on this, are soil fertility (look at the way nature "paints" the landscape), water, slope that allows you to use gravity to your advantage, natural access road options, and good sun exposure. Of course it depends on what you are looking for in a property; if you're not concerned about gravity feeding an irrigation system you might go for less slope.

    I always enjoy watching Geoff Lawton's videos. It was great to see him in his natural element, with Possum and the kids running around. :)

  • netamel
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    Thanks for the presentation. I found it to be more of his property review (with a lot of great information shared) rather than a checklist.

    Could please someone let me know what was the plant mentioned at about 27th minute of the video? "malchea"? he said it was the plant with the highest potassium content.?

  • Jamie
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    Hi Marjory: Great summit. So much to learn, and listening to Geoff was instructive. Same quibble here as others have mentioned-no real checklist for when buying property. It's more of a what-you-can-do-with-your-property tour. But learning more about how water/contour lines run, and where to place your access for best maintenance is invaluable info...

  • ceriridenour
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    Always great to see Geoff Lawton and learning from his vast knowledge. Seeing his vids were what started me on the path to learning about permaculture, and regenerative living, food forest etc.

  • Voodoo Flóra
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    Thank you so much @Marjory Wildcraft for all you do to provide amazing intellectual access to people. I loved this quirky brilliant presentation by the Australian gentleman. Then I read your article (referenced above here) and listened to your lecture on climate change. It was truly such a gift of knowledge you provided today. We have scheduled our first property for potential purchase this week. We are most interested in the kind of orchard forest wild garden described. I think always keeping a wild area for the fairies to flourish is fundamental, and the last scene in the video really struck me. I am much more excited and less anxious now really looking forward to viewing the property and making our homestead. Did not know the federal govt kept that kind of data on soil. Really liked your familial and historical anecdotes thanks so much again!!!

  • sallyhoward
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    Entertaining, educational and inspiring! Thanks

  • Paul
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    I love listening to Geoff Lawton. As always, he shared some really good info and gave some great insight and ways to address water on a property (loved the pipe elbow to control water levels as an overflow regulator and act as a shut off valve for times when want a little more versatility in low tech water control, simple is always best and gravity rules). Loved the tips of roads on ridge lines, loved the giant bamboo area. That is a very cool place with a lot of cool innovations and great ideas that work. The swale beds were very cool and the way he addresses topography and water control/slowing is genius. I was surprised to see how at ease he was in walking around all that dense vegetation in Australia of all places (the land of the deadliest snakes and spiders and stuff that will kill you). Thank you Marjory for bringing that bit of awesome and thank you Geoff for sharing. You both Rock!!!

  • Dana Martin
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    I love Geoff! I could listen to him all day.

  • blevinandwomba
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    Geoff is always such a treat to watch. It sounds like an oxymoron, but he has this relaxed-yet-passionate way of explaining things that's just so inspiring.

    Thanks @Paul. I was wondering about the plant too.