Jason Matyas – The Secret Of Interplanting: How To Increase Your Garden Production Without Increasin

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imageJason Matyas – The Secret Of Interplanting: How To Increase Your Garden Production Without Increasing Garden Size


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  • JasonMatyas
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    Thanks for taking time to watch my presentation on interplanting today! I'm honored and grateful to be a part of the Home Grown Food Summit again this year, and excited to share some of the secrets I've learned over my lifetime of gardening. Please be sure to check out our website at https://seedsforgenerations.com/HGFS, where we have some great resources for you to further help you grow more food this year. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help - thanks!

  • Minaz
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    Excellent Presentation, Jason covered so much in such a short time. thanks for all the valuable information. I don,t see any Button to click to go to your site, and collect those free resources though.

  • Juli Meyers
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    Loved your presentation - I learned a lot. I went and used the calculator-awesome! I did not see the companion planting information that you mentioned. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks so much and again, awesome presentation.

  • Debbie
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    Loved your presentation and all of your employees are stunning!! :D I took so many notes to maximize my tiny backyard and container garden I'll be trying this summer!

    I clicked the link below the video to go to your website and found the online Garden Planting Calculator. I signed up / registered, but I can't find the Companion Planting Matrix you mentioned. Can you help me out? Thank you! :)

  • andrea
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    Very informative presentation.

  • kmoore61
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    also looking for the Companion Planning tool that was offered-- thank you!

  • JasonMatyas
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    Thanks everyone for the great feedback and kind comments! My apologies for the Companion Planting Matrix being missing - we've been troubleshooting a problem with the delivery of the tool, so we'll email you with instructions on how to get it if you sign up on the email list!

    Also, we just added an Heirloom Seed Giveaway, so please go to the link above and sign up. You can earn extra entries by sharing your unique sharing link that you're given after you sign up. Thanks again!

  • Andrea
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    Great presentation! Look forward to looking thru your website.

  • Lisa K
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    I have purchased seeds from them and they did great … that is until the rabbits got to them.

  • Jamie
    Jamie Posts: 8

    Thanks Jason...super-important information, so much of which I did not know. This is a must-see training for anyone interested in any level of growing food...looking forward to getting the companion planting guide and signing up for more training. We're moving in the near-ish(?) future, and these trainings are a must. Thanks again...

  • misunmoser
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    How can I get your companion planting metrix & garden planning calculator? I could not find it. Misun moser

  • Leza
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    Always a pleasure, Jason! My, how your children have grown!!! 😃<><

  • kchiarini
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    Another great speaker! I love the idea of using gutters for vertical gardening. That could work for me! Thanks!!

  • Adele
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    Wonderful presentation. The pace was just right, with a lot of information. I may try growing okra and beans, as well as tomatoes and basil. Great tips! We have a short growing season up here in Montana, and I really appreciate the planting calculator -- I've already used it to figure out a planting and transplanting schedule. Thanks!

  • nksunshine27
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    good presentation, very informative. i know of some companion planting but cant find the chart you mentioned will keepmlooking thankyou for your time

  • ceriridenour
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    Great information. Thanks! I have bought seeds from Jason and his family and they have always grown really well.

  • Vicky M.
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    Thank you for this excellent information. Always looking to learn new companion planting tips.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    I enjoyed the presentation. It was informative & enjoyable.

    It is great to see a family that works hard together and enjoys it.

  • charlenewatters
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    Loved this presentation! Very informative.

  • burekcrew86
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    Great presentation and one of favorite sources of seeds!

  • Jannajo
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    Saving space is so important to many - as myself, with a tiny plot back of apartment complex..tu for presenting so well

  • Mahogany913
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    Very nice looking family and wonderful insight. I now have a lot of new ideas how to use my small space better. I was able to sign up for the resources but did not receive an email with link? Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Sandy Forest
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    This was excelent! One of the things I appreciate very much about Jason's presentations is that not only are they filled with very useful ideas and strategies, he is also great about explaning how he got to those insights. We get the blessing of an independent thinker and an expert who can explain how to think independently! And the seeds are also excellent!