Jerome Osentowski – Greenhouse Forest Gardening

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imageJerome Osentowski – Greenhouse Forest Gardening


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  • Karen
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    What a beautiful place to live. What a lot of thought and planning to create such an oasis. Living well and doing it all naturally. Would love to take the tour sometime.

  • Owl
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    Loved your video! What is the name of the tree you are feeding the rabbits?

  • Molly
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    Owl, I wondered that too, so I went back and turned on the closed captioning. The tree is leucaena.

  • Patrick
    Patrick Posts: 45 ✭✭✭

    I loved seeing your greenhouse!

    I've been meaning to get some greenhouses going for years to grow my tropical and sub-trobical herbs. I'm growing a few currently as "annuals" but I'd love to have a place where they could really thrive....nothing sadder than harvesting ashwagandha that's only six months old because the frost is coming.

    I'd love to do some collaboration with you on getting some things going. I'll shoot you an email.

    Patrick Jones ("Doc Jones" from HomeGrown Herbalist)

  • dimck421
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  • sallyhoward
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  • Taniko
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    Enjoyed your presentation, and I will keep this and these principles in mind when I build my future one - which looks like it might have to wait until 2021 - well, this gives me more time to nail down the concepts before it goes up.