Stacey Murphy – Understanding Your Climate: 3 Proven Strategies For A More Abundant Harvest

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imageStacey Murphy – Understanding Your Climate: 3 Proven Strategies For A More Abundant Harvest


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  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hey everyone, I know Stacey is coming online today. She is totally rocking it lately with her business teaching folks how to grow food.

  • Hey everyone! I'm here... what do you need next? ;)

  • Debbie
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    Wow!! Thank you Stacey!! Loved your presentation!

    I had my "I need to figure out how to grow my own food!" moment last month and ordered a bunch of seeds and told people who know me that "even if I just get to play in dirt and get a few salads out of it, it'll be worth while". That was when I was convinced I have a brown thumb and horrible soil (100% clay) and a growing season so short and unpredictable that I should have started seeds in January... Thank you for convincing me that I was wrong AND that it's okay to kill plants. :)

    I'm in Canada - southern Ontario, and it was around 75 last weekend and I got a sunburn while setting up patio furniture. Today it's about 42 and snowing!! :P I started some seeds and I'm so excited to work out my charts / calendars of when I'll plant crop 1 and subsequent plantings outdoors, as well as planning for winter sprouts and indoor seed sowing for next summer!

    I just spent the whole afternoon researching and creating my chart (haven't quite got precipitation numbers figured out, but I know which months are dry and which generally get more rain / snow.

    I have a small backyard in a condo complex so I don't get to turn the whole thing into a vegetable plot. My full-sun is predominantly only midday. However, the back of my backyard gets sun around 10 am in about a month, the sun gets close to the back of my house around noon or so and stays there for a few hours before it's blocked out by a neighboring tree. Soooo I got a stacking system and it'll be on wheels so I plan on moving and rotating it around my back patio to take advantage of whatever sun I can as soon as I can, AND I can move it to shadier spots in the heat of the summer. Here's hoping!!

    Any suggestions for a "first time again" gardener that is very successful in growing mint and some perennial flowers, but not a lot else?

    Thanks Stacey and Thanks Marjory, I've been learning a lot so far!

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hi Stacey! So glad you are here. I need to talk with you about your Summit in July.

  • Karen
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    Thank you, I really enjoyed listening and watching this. Very well presented with great info and ideas. Very positive , inspirational, motivating and practical. It is easy to hear you love doing this. Karen from South Dakota.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Oh @Debbie! Southern Ontario weather is generally way warmer than where I am! You are blessed. Your season should be much more rewarding due to length. We are just now tilling our garden & had 4" of snow yesterday morning. Most people do their main planting at the end of May, have a frost in June when all fruit is blooming, and a frost or two just into September. You will do just fine with a longer season!

    As for the clay soil, amending is key.

    William Dam is a great source of seeds and is in your general area. For medicinals+, is a great choice.

    If you have a small space, consider growing vining plants vertically.

    Welcome here, by the way. We are glad that you made your way here. For any questions that you might have, we will be happy to help you find answers.

  • Debbie
    Debbie Posts: 3