Kevin Espiritu – Container & Raised-Bed Gardening

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imageKevin Espiritu – Container & Raised-Bed Gardening


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  • EpicGardening
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    Hey everyone, excited for the presentation! Feel free to drop any questions / comments in the thread here and I'll get to them before the show :)

  • shllnzl
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    Excellent presentation.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hi Kevin, I just love your energy.

    I'm currently in Puerto Rico in an AirBnb with very little sun. I'm growing radishes in containers as they are so super quick, and yummy. I like to par boil them and it takes the 'heat' out so they become like a nice vegetable and not just a salad ornament.

  • Lisa K
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    Wow loved the presentation and now have a lot of ideas, thank you Kevin!

  • Leza
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    Wow, Kevin, this is *excellent*!!! Very to understand even for the novice! 😃 Now that I know you exist, you're going to have another follower!!! 🙂 Excellent info even if you don't do raised beds! I've been gardening for 53 years, and continue to enjoy learning new things from fellow gardeners!

  • burekcrew86
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    Great presentation and a lot of excellent suggestions. Thank you.

  • Linda Bittle
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    Very nice! Lots of good stuff in this one.

  • Jamie
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    Kevin: thanks so, so much. Great, super-pro presentation and phenomenal information. This is a must-see for anyone, especially those with limited space. This presentation really simplified and explained how one can most easily and inexpensively approach container and raised bed gardening...

  • Carlos Clavell
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    Thank you for your presentation on gardening with containers. It was very informative and helpful for me who have very little to no gardening experience. I like the idea of successive approach to gardening. I like the practical aspect and how to's  with your presentation.

  • Denisha Cole
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    Thank you!

  • sonbyrd
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    Hi Kevin, I'm a regular follower and I just wanted to know when did you plant those onions for them to be so big, and usually how long does it take to get them at a mature size? I planted some garlic last fall and they are doing good just waiting for them so I can harvest. Where did you get that seedling square?

  • Leza
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    Marjory, that's so cool with parboiling radishes! I'll have to try that, as the "heat" has become too much for me... . Safe travels home whenever you're allowed to travel back home!!! 😃

  • Adele
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    I've done hugelkultur and raised beds, but never combined the two techniques. I'm going to try it. Thanks, interesting presentation.

  • sallyhoward
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    Great show. Thanks Kevin

  • f
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    Thanks for presenting some great ideas, but what, exactly, is your Epic soil starter? You didn't elaborate, and I searched your website in vain. Do you have a suggested formula?