Lynn Gillespie – Top 5 Vegetables To Grow In Your Greenhouse

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imageLynn Gillespie – Top 5 Vegetables To Grow In Your Greenhouse


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  • lynn.thelivingfarm
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    Good Morning Everyone! Wow what a great summit! I hope you have been watching all the great presentations all week and are learning lots! I will be in and out all day to answer your questions.

  • bellavistahomestead
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    Thank you, Lynn--very informative and helpful. Our budget is pretty close to zero, so using salvaged bits and pieces to create our first greenhouse. Passive heat is our only option. Even a cold frame extends our season, but not enough--so aiming for a 360 growing season. Your greenhouses are our inspiration. First tiny greenhouse will be a season extender while I work on an earth sheltered greenhouse with a well sheltered north side. We are zone 5.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hey @lynn.thelivingfarm so glad to see you online!

    Which ewe is that you are hugging? It's not Helen is it?

  • lynn.thelivingfarm
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    Yes that is Helen the sheep! She is such a love!

  • Molly
    Molly Posts: 20

    Thank you, Lynn. I always like your presentations. Hope to add greenhouses at some point in the future, so I'm taking lots of notes and I got the Greenhouse Success bundle (awesome resource!).

  • lynn.thelivingfarm
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    Thank you Molly! Greenhouse are so much fun!

  • Karen
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    Thank you, interesting learning options to heat with. You have really optimized your growing choices. You must eat so well.

  • Martha Skinner
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    Lynn, loved the presentation! I can't seem to figure out how to get the bundle. I hit the link and then signed in as instructed but then what?? Sorry I am not very tech savvy. I do grow in a greenhouse in Alaska so I know your bundle would be very helpful. TIA for your help.

  • lynn.thelivingfarm
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    Hi Karen We do eat well all year round. We never notice any food shortages, there is always plenty.

  • lynn.thelivingfarm
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    Martha, We can help you get the bundle. Email us directly and we will assist you. [email protected]

  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Posts: 9

    As always very inspiring information from Lynn. We just finished two cinder block raised beds. Like so many we are being cautious with our funds right now, so we are using lots of recycled items for hoops and coverings. Not as pretty, but they seem to work. Thank you so much for your care of the earth and it’s inhabitants.

  • Kelley
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    our first year with a greenhouse. Going to use these in it.