Melissa Norris – Growing A Year’s Worth Of Fruits & Vegetables In Your Backyard

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imageMelissa Norris – Growing A Year’s Worth Of Fruits & Vegetables In Your Backyard


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  • Molly
    Molly Posts: 20

    Great presentation as always, Melissa. Definitely want to put up more food this year, but don't want to overwhelm myself by trying too much. Picking one or two things for a year's worth of growing and preserving, and building up from there, is a great idea!

  • Linda Bittle
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    I always enjoy Melissa's presentations, and her garden book is great!

  • Melissa Norris
    Melissa Norris Posts: 1 ✭✭✭
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    So glad you're growing more this @Molly Pantalone and picking a few items to focus on! @Mary Linda Bittle thank you so much, and so glad you're finding the book helpful! What crops are you guys growing a year's worth of this year?

  • misunmoser
    misunmoser Posts: 4

    I typed summit to get your work sheet & chart, but I could not find it.

    May I ask for how to get it or email to me: [email protected]?

  • Molly
    Molly Posts: 20

    I'm concentrating on cucumbers (for pickles) and potatoes this year.

  • Mahogany913
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    Hello, I am so glad I chose your presentation to watch. I am a 1st time summit participant and working full time I could not spend as much time as I wanted listening and connecting. Thank you so much for making this easy to understand for us beginners!

  • Linda Bittle
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    @Melissa Norris I am moving from Idaho back to Missouri soon. I've been taking care of the fruit trees and herbs that I've planted here, but it's only just now time to get a garden in the ground in this part of Idaho. And too late to do much but wait for fall crops in Missouri. But I'm making my plans.

  • kchiarini
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    Hi, Melissa. Wherever you speak, I will be there to listen and learn! I was happy to see it was a new talk, though listening to one I previously heard just drills the info deeper into this brain that seems to be resisting getting this important info. I know Marjorie is going to have an encore weekend, and I'd like to listen to it again since I can't find my notes! :( Thanks again! Always a pleasure, and Marjorie, thank you for inviting Melissa and all these other great speakers. I really enjoyed this summit and look forward to the next. And I LOVE the live interviews as well.

  • csinclair461
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    Thank you Melissa, you have a lot of excellent points! I am focusing right now on learning lettuce greens. But plan to do the worksheet you offered and figure out how much of the produce we buy to plant. I would love to get away from frozen veggies in plastic bags.