Free Webinar - Understanding & Treating Lyme Disease with Herbal Medicine

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As a registered herbalist I'm often sent information from the professional bodies about practitioner resources and CPD (continued professional development) opportunities. Much of this information is aimed at practitioners, but I do think that a lot of it is also of great interest to the wider general public, who often also have a lot of knowledge (and a desire to know more) about natural therapies and herbs.

Unlike much of the information online which is frequently from copied blog posts or unreliable sources, there are a number of organisations that produce free, professional content that's researched by experts for the purpose of furthering our knowledge in this field.

I thought I'd share a link which I recently received from the American Herbalist Guild (which I believe also accepts lay members) on the very important topic of Lyme disease. Of particular interest is the connections made with the rise in the number of cases which seem to go hand in hand with climate change, and the declining health of the planet.

The webinar is 100% free to watch via the Vimeo link below, but I would also highly recommend checking out the work of the Guild if you're interested in herbal medicine, as there are a ton of free resources on there that are really very interesting.

This topic is of particular interest to me (I'm always AMAZED at the number of GPs and other health care professionals who simply refuse to believe it is a) a real condition and b) can be helped by anything other than the standard course of antibiotics) and the speaker is a professional of high regard, with a great deal of knowledge on this subject.

I hope this is a helpful springboard for anyone dealing with this condition and looking for high quality information about self care herbal protocols.



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    Thank you very much. This is very timely.

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    Thank you for posting this! My daughter and I have both been treated for Lyme Disease

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    My daughter spent years and over $10,000. getting diagnosed with Lyme disease, telling her it was all in her head. She was VERY sick and doctors really hadn't a clue as to how diagnose or to treat her - mainly because Lyme was (for political reasons) unrecognised in the medical lexicon. And many doctors were shunned or lost licenses for insisting on treating it.

    As a result of this experience, she decided to become a Dr of Chinese medicine and accupuncture so that she could help herself and others. Now, she runs a clinic in Calgary, Canada and treats lyme with herbs and supplements. She has patients from all over the world.

    I have it and over the years have overcome it's worst problems, although there are times when I completely overdo farm work when I remember what it was like.

    It is a strange world that makes a disease of this sort into a political hot potatoe.

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    @solarnoon.aspen Your daughter is an inspiration! Taking on a project of healing oneself is a journey but to go the extra mile and become a TCM Dr. to help others is amazing.

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    @solarnoon.aspen I hear similar stories so often. It's heart breaking. I'm fortunate enough to have some very highly qualified mentors who have inspired me to become interested in the field. The sad thing is that so many people have to spend thousands of dollars in the search for help, while at the same time having to waste precious energy (that should go into healing) on doing their own research and educating health care professionals who should know better on the reality of this awful condition. Your daughter is to be highly commended. I hope she is now well.

    I've decided to take the 4 week intensive that goes along with this course, so will feed back any useful information to the forum.

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    There are new opportunities to learn about Lyme disease now and it behooves medical doctors to take the steps to be informed since ticks are ever-present and even more so with climate change.

    We need you and people like you to work on this disease, so thank you for taking the initiative.