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I seem to attract and react heavily to mosquitoes. This past week we were camping in Arizona and of course I did not use my spray soon enough and gained 5 bites. I don't scratch them and they still swell horribly and keep me up at night. Not only that but I will suffer for 2-3 weeks until they finally go away. I grew up soaking cotton balls in rubbing alcohol and taping them to my bites to try and get through the night. My daughter is allergic to bees and has the same effect with bees and mosquitoes. One of the pediatricians she works for recommended using hot water instead of ice water that she was soaking her bites in. The concept was such a light bulb moment for me because in the medical field we are so symptom driven that we can't see the forest through the trees. After I got bit this weekend, lost sleep for 2 days and could not stand to be in the 100 degree weather, I realized that I had made a bruise salve with arnica that was in my emergency pack. I thought since its a blood mover and if it worked for bruises then is surely should work the same on bites, same concept as hot water. Well I am so happy to report that it reduced the bites swelling and itching by at least 50% and the improvement continues! Years of western medicine programming takes a bit to undue! Anyone else use arnica for bites and stings? What was your response?


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    I have never used it for bites but Clarke's Materia Medica has the following listed for Arnica under Skin symptoms: Hot, hard and shining swelling of the parts affected. Stings of insects, snake bites.

    So well indicated as a remedy for bites.

    Arnica truly is an amazing remedy for so much more than bruising.

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    It makes sense! I've never tried it, but will do so. I typically use plantain on bites and stings and it often provides almost immediate relief.