Re-planting after frost

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Well, Saturday night we got a "once in 100 years" late frost. I covered what I could, and the greens were fine, but lost most of what was planted in the big garden bed. It is a set back... but, that's all part of gardening. Something almost always goes wrong. Well, maybe this time I can be more organized. Monetarily though, because I used so much saved seed... I only lost $10-$15. It could have been A LOT worse!


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    Think I would take that over the inch of snow we received. Miserable day with flurries all day. To be expected but anxious to get things planted. Your making me very envious when I see pictures of your garden. Good luck on your replanting.

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    Honestly, I love PA - probably the best food state in America if you enjoy eating. But yeah, I'd move further south if I could. Longer growing seasons and citrus often make up for not having enough chill hours for most other fruit trees and flat tasting grapes. Of course, green houses can give you the best of both worlds. But, if you ever spend any tie down around Savannah or south Louisiana... well, it is mighty hard to leave!

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    Yep. I’m in PA too and I’m not sure if my strawberries will recover. Going to have to wait and see. Weird weather this year.

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    Back in 2013 we had a late frost and then wet snow. I had so much in the garden and was almost in a panic until I remember the drop cloth I bought the year before. It was some type of plastic on one side and had what felt like short pile felt on the other. I covered what rows I could with that and the others with my flannel sheets folded in fourths long-wise. Didn't loose a plant. I had to giggle as I folded one of the sheets as it was a light blue with snowflakes on it. Wish now I had taken photos.

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    We had to replant earlier this spring because of a late freeze. Always a bummer.

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    Sorry All I know its hard. We lost ours to 100 year rain a few years back. Glad I waited this year.

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    @judsoncarroll4 I know the feeling...some of my seeds thankfully haven't come up yet but we have had about 4 or 5 frosts since the official start of Spring in March, I have seen the effect on trees like Paw Paw, pear, Peach, Eastern Redbud, but not as much so far on apples, but only time will tell. I have also seen it affecting the Pokeweed and other plants, but not Black Raspberry blossoms. My cool weather crops are along for the ride and pretty much all of my seeds are heirloom.

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    I was going to plant some veggies I'd started from seeds last week but all of a sudden the weather turned cold here in Georgia and extreme N. Ga. had a freeze warning. I decided to wait until today since the low is supposed to be in the 50's this week and then warmer after that. I hope we don't get a surprise frost after this. I was mostly worried about my blueberry bushes. They're loaded with berries and would have hated to see them freeze. The ones from the store just don't taste the same.