What is your homemade libation of choice for watching TGN home medicine summit this past week?

Voodoo Flóra
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Mine hands down this week was dandelion aperitif. And it isn't just for before mealtimes anymore!!! The concoction turned out tremendous. Literally the best thing I've ever tasted. Priceless. Here is the recipe. I filled my 5 L stainless steel cooking pot half full with ONLY ORGANIC dandelion petals. The yellow petals need to be husked from the green parts, although if a few bits of green sneak in it rather adds to the complexity of flavor imho. Too much though it can become bitter. Filled the pot with filtered water, leaving a few inches space on top. I simmered the petals a few minutes in the filtered water, then let it sit overnight. Melted four cups of organic cane sugar that I then added to the mixture in a one gallon large fermenting jug. Used dried champagne yeast (one packet) that I activated in warm water. Put that in the jug as well. Then I gave it all a good shake. Let it bubble for a while, about a week and a half. Tasted it and OMG WOW. Originally I'd thought I was going to make a brandy from this elixir, but there was no need. Tasted so amazing that it was gone before anything further could be done with it. In addition to tasting delicious, it provides the most effective liver and general detox I've ever experienced. While you are drinking it, the elixir creates a pleasant intoxication. The next morning, there is no hangover. Just watch out as it works to release tons of toxins and this includes emotional poisons. Be sure you are going to be at home in a "safe place" the day after consuming it. But given the plandemic this should be no problem LOL


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