What happens when you grow brussel sprouts in the heat of summer?

Megan Venturella
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I think this is a cool weather crop, right? But my daughter started some from seed about 6 weeks ago and they are going great. I'm wondering if I transplant them now, will they just bolt? I have really limited space so I don't want to experiment. My local county extension says they should be started in July and we started ours in April. Oops!


  • Torey
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    Depends on where you are. I am in the north (just north of 52°) I plant mine along with all the other cole crops in mid May. The sprouts are formed and ready to pick in early October, depending on the frost. We get a couple of weeks of very hot weather in the summer (upper 90s) and moderately hot for the rest of the time. My plants survive that.

    If your county agent recommends starting in July it must be because you are warm enough to be growing right until Christmas and that would be the intended market. I would be frozen solid by then.

    If you think they might bolt because of the heat, I would try planting them in the lowest spot in your garden as it will usually remain the coolest, especially if there is shade available.

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    Can they be planted by like the corn that would give them some shade?

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    I looked that up in my companion planting books and corn and Brussel sprouts are not listed as friends but it doesn't say that you shouldn't plant them together. I don't usually grow corn (too much space required for my garden and there are at least two large local growers that I like to support) so I am not sure of its growing requirements and whether that would match up with Brussel sprouts.

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    @torey If you can grow them in the summer after all, then maybe it's just what you were thinking- brussel sprouts for Christmas! I will plant a few in a shady spot then and hope for the best. Thank you!

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    I don't have the packet handy but I think the ones I have say they take 100 days or something close. Also something about how they like a little care throughout the summer and are best after a frost.