Staying safe while wild crafting

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There have been a lot of postings about not picking/foraging/wild crafting near farmers fields and we do have to be careful but a lot of our local farmers are going back to NO SPRAYING. Talk to your local guys and see. But know that some of the seeds have been coated in bug/mold killer so that is like spraying. They will be VERY unhappy if you are walking/driving all over the fields but if you stay on the edge and ask them for permission. Also find someone who has a farm stand maybe they will let you come help weed their fields and you get to take all the good stuff home for a few hours of helping someone else.

Please honor the purple paint (In many state a line of purple paint sprayed on trees or post means DO NOT ENTER/NO TRESPASSING) and the NO TRESPASSING signs. I don't care if that is the only place you can find that weed/herb. In my area it is shot first then find out way they are trespassing. We had a neighbor killed a number of years ago in a shot out with hunters that were on his land. More than 1 was hurt that day.

Know the wild animals what are in that area, snakes and poison insects.

Remember finding plants near old homesteads sometimes have high levels of lead, from old paint, in them.

Stay safe!