Adventures in High Performance Gardening 19 - Pests & Squash Tips!

Marjory Wildcraft
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Hey hey hey! Lynn and I show you when to harvest squash and what to do with pesky leaf miners in this episode of Adventures in High Performance Gardening.

With yields as big as ours, you have to dehydrate produce. I recommend investing in a dehydrator! I turned 16 pounds of lettuce into an awesome super-food blend that'll last for months...

[Squash Tip] Make sure you pinch those squash babies off sooner than later or else... be prepared to ding-dong-ditch your friends with pounds of squash. In Paonia, people lock their car doors to prevent neighbors from donating too much squash LOL

[Leaf Miners] Our chard was destroyed by a Colorado native pest, leaf miners. These pesky pets fly around and lays eggs on the backside of healthy lettuce. Their larvae crawl in between the top and bottom layers of the leaf! Ugh, they're super hard to get rid of. So make sure you pull the entire leaf out of the garden, throw in the bottom of the compost or feed to chickens far away from your lettuce patch.

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