Yeah, so I posted this on a local forum today

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I will be making some people upset there. Ah...

There was a vegan pushing an agenda to a largely agricultural (grain & livestock) audience today. The main subjects talked about so far on the thread were factory farms & population control. Of course, the last one gets me going as I believe large families (especially rural ones) are often more stable & better adjusted in so many ways. Nobody ever looks at all the facts. They pick one thing & bash everyone else. It gets frustrating.

I am posting this here, not to offend anyone, but because I believe that many here will support what I wrote. A heads up, this post is very opinionated.

"Population was already said that diseases cut the population. So why is society trying so hard to stop this virus? Advanced countries prop up the weak & vulnerable...people who would have died from ____ anyway. It makes for a weakened & burdened population. It isn't pretty or pleasant, but that's how life works. If you look at the animal world, it balances out eventually when those die. Everyone dies at some point. Our society wants everyone to live, even if it is artificially supported. Birth control is doing things backwards and causes more issues. A strong population is not propped up medically/artificially, and eats truly healthy food (not manufactured "foods" which include improperly prepared soy & chemical/additive laden foods. Read those ingredient lists on everything you buy. It amazes me what people are willing to eat in the name of "healthy" whether vegan or not. It is not food!

Also, if citing Kenya, it is a societial issue. It is not family planning that is the problem. First, children die often at all ages. People want children. It is their right to reproduce. It is basic to being. Also, and I believe that this is the bigger issue there, if you look at their men, many are very loose, raping women. Do they care about population control? It is a huge problem there, so I understand. I think this is where a lot of their problem lies.

China's problems with this have already been addressed. Some advanced countries in Europe pay for people to have children, and are obviously doing very well.

Farming... One other thing that has not been mentioned is the most obvious factory farms and the ones who cry loudest about farm practices, which are...cities! They take up the best and most fertile farm land. We lose too many acres to cities every day. The people that live there have no awareness of the life & death cycle that farmers deal with every day. This city land becomes unproductive & pollution causing on land, in water, in the air, noise, & with light. The land is wasted, sometimes contaminated in the name of a city...forever. That is a huge problem.

This said, I am far from a supporter of livestock yards and many practices of conventional farming, including all those greenhouses & solar panels covering valuable farmland in the Netherlands in the name of food production & "green" living. Have you seen those Nat. Geo. pictures? That is a type of modern conventional farming too. It is not good, as they want to tell us.

I think it would be best for all if we could go back to sustainable ways of farming, supporting the little guy who is farming holistically and supporting those who want to start.

Do you want to make a difference instead of complaining? Plant a garden. Keep a little livestock if you can. Learn about life & death. Don't give up because it is work. Keep going. Learn about what true sustainability is. Start small & grow it wisely. Change happens with you. One site that I found years ago is If you want to learn grow your own food, it is a good place to start."


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    Good for you! It can be really hard to post your honest opinions in such an upside-down world.

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    There are so many agendas right now. I'm always dismayed by how people think they can force others to live as they would choose.

    What ever happened to "Live and let live"? As for me, I'm an unrepentant carnivore who, and I'm OK with people making other choices. I'm not interested in being bullied into eating (or living) in any other way.