Benefits & Use of Mullein: Yarrow Willard


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    @silvertipgrizz thanks for sharing this gem of a video. It's great to keep learning about our natural world and the Herbal Jedi is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

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    Great little 20 minute mullein class

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    The Herbal Jedi owns and operates Harmonic Arts, a Canadian company very similar to Mountain Rose. His father, Dr. Terry Willard is the founder of Wild Rose College (herbal college). If anyone is interested in more courses, this is the website: Once or twice a year they have a sale on courses making it a bit more affordable. Yarrow is one of the teachers at the college. They just did a program called a Spring Walk where they do a virtual tour showing a variety of wild plants in the Pacific Northwest. They are also working on a Herbal Pharmacy course which Yarrow will be teaching (as soon as the pandemic is over or under control).

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    Wow, Thank you silvertipgrizz for sharing this. Great way to learn about Mullein and a great introduction (Thanks, torey ) to Yarrow and the college. Will be looking into more videos and checking out the college too.

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    I've been watching him for a long time. He is a great teacher and has so many vid's you could know a lot about a lot of herbs just by watching them!