growing ashwagandha

Gail H
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Has anyone grown ashwagandha? I am in zone 7a. I grow ginger and turmeric and bring them in every winter. Should I treat ashwagandha the same way? Would I do better growing it as an annual?


  • JodieDownUnder
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    @Gail H really interested the response you get on this. I am keen to have a go as well. Seems to be a bit of an enigma.

  • herbantherapy
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    I don’t have to bring mine in but heavily mulch it in zone 9a. If I was colder I would bring it in.

    Did you grow yours from seed? I bought some seed and then learned how intense the stratification process is and decided to just buy a start!

  • Lisa K
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    This is the first year I have tried to grow Ashwagandha and so far I have 5 seedlings, three with first real leaves and two just starting to get their real leaves. I am in So, Calif. - Zone 9-10.