Sunburn - Herbal Ice Cubes

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Sunburn season is just starting in my area. We've had a few really warm days that have encouraged people to bare more skin. TGN has a good blog article about making a herbal sunscreen at:

But if you haven't taken precautions, then here is a new link from Learning Herbs on how to cool and get relief for that sunburn. Herbal Ice Cubes!


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    @torey only just re that article and thought it was a great idea. Will give it a crack here next summer. What do you think about adding lavender and frankincense EO to the recipe?

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    @torey I’m so glad you linked the sunscreen article! Thank you!

    I have always burned worse with any lotion based sunscreen and usually use an oil base which only has a spf 4 and always felt guilty for not using better protection, but at least I don’t burn!

    using coconut oil feels good in my heart, I use coconut oil a lot on my body, now I can feel confident in using it generously for sun protection while allowing vit D which as a northern girl I need!

    the herbal ice cubes sound lovely too! Even for maybe just a touch too much sun after a hard days work these healing cubes would feel nice!

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    @jodienancarrow I am not an aromatherapist so not sure. Lavender would probably add to the soothing properties. I have no experience with Frankincense but I did see an article for frankincense used in an after sun spray so maybe.

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    I've made a sunburn relief liquid that helps greatly, also with regular burns. I use 2 oz. each of aloe vera gel (the real stuff) and raw apple cider vinegar. To that I add 30 drops of lavender essential oil. If the sunburn is super "hot", you can add 10 drops of peppermint essential oil for additional cooling properties. This can be stored in the refrigerator for quite a while as long as care is taken when using it to not contaminate it. Be sure to shake well before applying. This can be used on the burn as needed, obviously more often initially. It will help fight infection as well. Feels very good going on a burn.

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    I live in Florida where the sun is very strong and I my skin burns very easily. To give you an idea I went to college in Wisconsin and I'd get super burned on the first warm spring day. I started using sunflower oil as my daily moisturizer. It absorbs really well, doesn't clog my pores, doesn't have a strong smell and has many great benefits for the skin. I've noticed it also does an amazing job of preventing sunburn. If I go to the beach, I think about putting sunscreen on but if I'm working in the yard, going for a walk or doing some other outside activity I don't think about it. My skin tans but does not burn :)

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    @annbeck62 That is good to know. I am very fair, and burn very easily as well. I say I'm truly Canadian. I'm either red or white. 🥵

    Welcome to the TGN forum!

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    I also burn easily. For a number of years now I take astaxanthin daily, I am up to 12 mg per day. Astaxanthin sets up an internal sunscreen, like an internal radiation shield. I do not use any sunscreen from a store.

    At times I have also used St. John's wort oil directly on my skin, it is like a sunscreen.

    I expose my skin gradually - nothing is going to work if you take your first day in the sun for like 10 hours.

    If all measures fail and I somehow get a sunburn (this does not happen often anymore), I have found that taking simple aspirin every 4 hours for the first 48 hours of the burn acts as an antiinflammatory and stops the burning. I will still turn red, but there is no pain. Of course, take it with some food and lots of water.

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    Love the site-the pot and the comments-as someone who was sunburned a lot in their youth back when we didn't pay much attention to the skin peeling off, etc. this was very interesting and educational. Thanks!!!!!!!