Some help with toxic soil:


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    Nice! He has a recipe for the Garrett Juice he mentions as well.

  • MartiinCentral Oregon
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    Thank long would it take to clean up the soil? Can I go ahead and plant the grapes and berries and just not eat the fruit for a while? for how long? Anyone know?

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    So how is your soil toxic. Do you know?

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    @MartiinCentral Oregon How, overall, do the things growing in your soil you believe to be toxic..look?

    Were it mine, and I believed it to be toxic, I would find out what toxins, find answers needed to turn that around, and in the mean time try cover crops both spring and fall. Also some plants are known to draw toxins out of the soil, or at least to help, poss over time. I had elder plants in fairly small pots for 3 y ears until I moved and planted them in my new location...I don't know about grapes...Also you could try some diff extension centers. I call not just my state, but other state extension centers that come up in some of my searches. Toxic soil issues I would think would be similarly treated?? And some state exts sometimes have better info on diff issues. Also, try calling the company where you got your berries and grape plants and see what they say...their on board horticulturists..