Reusing Silica Packets

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A friend of mine had been carefully collecting calendula flowers for herbal medicine... when she had enough flowers gathered she emptied the jar and she hadBy realized that she had not fully dried some before placing in her jar, and found mold. Today I emptied one of my supplement bottles and thought that maybe these little silica things can be reused instead of tossed. Maybe I’m slow to the gate but I found a little info and I think I’m going to ensure there’s no excess moisture in my jars while I’m trying to gather enough stuff to start a tincture or infused oil etc. any thoughts or experience/experiments with this? They say to tape it to the jar lid so it doesn’t come in contact with “food”.



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    I had read somewhere that they are good for keeping insects out of little used dresser drawers. (I haven't found any bugs yet.)

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    Such a great idea. I'm having that exact issue with my Calendula!

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    I've been squirreling mine away because I read that if you line them up on your dashboard, your windshield won't fog up.

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    @seeker.nancy 🤣🤣🤣 oh yeah... the things that are soooooo safe you can’t find them!!

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    @greyfurball yes!! I’m so glad for your input because I was thinking... why do you need to tape it if you find those things everywhere such as in protein powder etc... ok I’m just gonna throw it in the jar👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕 thank you!

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    I honestly didn't think they were reusable 😕 Live and learn, I will definitely be saving and reusing!

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    How does one know when they have absorbed as much moisture as they are going to? And can you dry them out and reuse them?

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    From my experience, #1 they should never be placed in anything that is truly wet. Since it is a dry pack, you don't want to be adding moisture to it,

    So I have been reusing the same ones over and over for years as long as they stay clean. By that I mean if you place it in a canister of dried beets, obviously the paper pouch packets is going to absorb some of the beet powder odor and color. Those I just throw them away unless I know I am going to be opening another packet of beet powder.

    And your next question, to be honest I don't really know the answer but what I do has worked for me all my life. After I use all the stuff in a package I have them in, I place that packet back in my storage container and get another for the next place I need one. So I am still re-using every one, I'm just giving them a break in with the others to help the "just used one" have a chance to dry out in with my backups.

    So the only time I am losing any is if they get too dirty from whatever it was stored in before.

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    @greyfurball this is amazing information... will certainly start saving those babies!

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    Well...I have not thought of that either. I don't know why not! 🤦‍♀️

    I have lots in the seaweed packets that we get. Since they have not been in with shoes (I would not reuse those for food due to chemical exposure from the shoes), so they are good to go. I have so many empty jars right now. I will throw the packets into those until I bring in new herbs.

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    @kmartin.mail thats a great question!! I’m going to look into it!

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    @LaurieLovesLearning that’s an excellent point on where the packet was originally... I don’t shop much but have a lot of them in my supplement bottles.. so I think that’s ok, I reuse my bottles and packets when I capsule up my powdered ashwagandha

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    @lmrebert If the packet is used for human grade consumption type products, that would be my thoughts too. If it was for non-edibles, I would reuse them for a non-edible products.

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    I always wanted to know whether it was possible to reuse those packets. Thank you for all of your knowledge and ideas for reusing the packets.

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    Ditto...Great info ladies. I will also start saving mine now...

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    I was trying to find definitive info on how long they’re good for but couldn’t really find it... I did gather that they can absorb about 40% and you can dry them back out and reuse them... I think as long as you’re pretty much convinced your herbs/flowers are pretty dry throwing one in the jar would be for good measure!!

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    Thanks @lmrebert, I totally didn't think about the ones in supplement bottles 😆

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    Oh, the timing of this post is so funny. I threw out some packaging yesterday that had those packets, and I wondered if they were reuseable. Definitely something to consider.

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    Another use is in a box of matches. I also put some in the bug out bags container of matches, they are sealed but it can't hurt to include it.

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    You could also put them in a dehydrator if you are avoiding the microwave.

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    I put them in my air-tight canisters that I keep my seeds in as an extra precaution. I will have to try some of the other hacks in the article.

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    I have a bunch in a ziplock bag that I save in the boat/marina in case somebody drops their phone into the water.

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    Having missed the discussion, I have a question that I haven't noticed being asked and that is how is everyone drying out the silica packets, etc.????

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    Check up above on June 5 with the discussion made by Leslie Carl. She gives a link which explains the procedure for drying out used silica packets.

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    my sisters save the silica desiccants from their medicine bottles and supplement bottles and give them to me. I have too many!!