Arnica Harvest

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I mentioned in another thread that I was going picking Arnica today and was asked to post pics. So here is one. Sorry about the size. I haven't figured out how to reduce it yet. Not sure why it is sideways.

One jar is for oil and the other for a tincture. They were quite beautiful which is surprising with the amount of heavy rain we have received over the last few days. A gorgeous day for picking. Warm, dry and sunny.

Now onto dandelions. I want to make the Dandelion Maple Syrup cake from Wild Remedies.


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    Arnica always reminds me of one of my favorite old John Wayne movies, "McClintock!". Being treated with "tincture of arnica' after a brawl was euphemism for, "We're going to go get drunk and get over any hard feelings." There are a lot of valuable lessons in old John Wayne movies. "The Shootist" should be mandatory viewing for every young man.