Mapping the Yard

Linda Bittle
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As I get ready to leave Idaho, I wanted to map the yard, with the names of the fruit trees I've planted and the dated I planted them so that the new owners will have that information.

That, of course led to mapping all the annual herbs and flowers I've planted. It's not to scale ;-)

I had saved the tags, and so I put the map and the tags in a big zip lock bag.

Next time I start to plant stuff, I'll start the map at the beginning, and keep a notebook with all the info, like where I got the plants, and when they started producing.

It really made me feel good to be able to hand that off to the owners as the property goes on the market.


  • shllnzl
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    @Mary Linda Bittle The new owners should be grateful for that information. I did a similar thing when I sold my last home.

    I wish I had a map of the plants in this place as I am still trying to identify some.

    As we on the forum are aware: You cannot properly care for a plant until you know what it is.

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @Mary Linda Bittle wow what an awesome gesture. I know I'd really appreciate that. One thing that I would have loved the previous owners of my place was to hand over a map of where the power and water runs underground. Very important when your planting new trees etc!

  • silvertipgrizz
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    @Mary Linda Bittle What an awesome and generous gift. I hope when you get to where you are going that you find a special place to replant yourself, and your garden and trees and that you are very happy. Safe travels and keep us updated as you can.

  • herbantherapy
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    @jodienancarrow I agree! We recently had our sewer pumped for the first time. My husband was convinced it was in a completely different place. I was SO thankful I only had a large decorative container sitting almost on top of it and had not decided on a shrub to place there!!! Also we had JUST planted a tree that thankfully only skirted the drain field and won’t be a problem.

    Now we have a large shrub to plant near a hose bib and have to determine how the plumbing has been laid before we go planting.

  • herbantherapy
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    @Mary Linda Bittle you are a gem! I’m sure this will be appreciated!

    Since you will begin again I wanted to mention this garden journal. It has all the things you listed. Places for many maps, lists of plants (by catergory), places to write out your fertilizer schedule, things you buy, and much more. Plus a daily log that is dated but not by year. AND it has space in those daily logs that span over TEN years!!!

  • tomandcara
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    @Mary Linda Bittle and @shllnzl what a kind gift to the new owners. Depending on the time of year, there are a number of plant treasures (bulbs, rhizomes, etc) that won't be evident until much later.

  • bcabrobin
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    Love this! Great idea

  • Linda Bittle
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    @jodienancarrow I did mark the sewer clean out and the water line on the map. All of our power and phone lines are still on poles.

    @herbantherapy that's a lovely journal! I'll have to get one.

    Everyone - thanks so much for the good thoughts as I get ready to start off on Saturday. If I don't check in until the 10th or 11th, it will be because I don't have internet access yet.

  • Sheila
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    When we sold our place a few years back I left a map of the gardens with varieties, dates planted, care and pruning instructions. As well we had completed a major renovation and I took pictures of all the walls with plumbing or major electrical in them and included them in the book as well as a few features that they may not have come across before like kickplate drawers.

  • Suburban Pioneer
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    My husband and I are embarking on a similar project. Glad to know we have company! We started with raw land, and we now have close to a couple hundred varieties of trees, shrubs, flowers, natives, etc. on our place, some of them rare. This is partly a 'bonding' with the house and each other project, partly a practical list (as I'm the only one who knows what's planted and where), an partly prep for the distant future when it's eventually someone else's time to love our home (hopefully the way we do!)