Slugs And Their Eggs

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I noticed something had been eating my newly planted veggies. I just knew they were slugs. So last night I put out 2 slug catchers. I filled 2 old planter saucers with just enough cheap beer to trap them. This morning I was shocked at the number I'd caught and how small they were.

Just watched a video on what slug eggs look like. I'll be looking for them from now on!

Check out the amount of slugs I caught in just one saucer! They are seriously attached to Beer!


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    good catch!

  • Torey
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    EEWW! I have a hard time with slugs. When I was growing up, I lived in a temperate coastal climate where slugs of all kinds, colours and sizes were very common, including the really disgusting Pacific Banana Slug. For those of you not familiar, it looks like a banana going ripe, so greenish, beige, yellow with black spots and up to the size of large banana. Where I live now, they are much less common and smaller (about the size of the ones above) but they still give me the heebie-geebies.

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    @kbmbillups1 I recently learned slug eggs are actually more prolific in the fall so add this task if slug egg hunting in force in the autumn months.

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    @torey I live not Oregon Coast and we get banana slugs occasionally. I wish there were more because they EAT the Spanish invasive slugs. As for all the slugs I can’t keep up and why do have to love dahlias and hostas? The slugs absolutely love them too!!

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    While strawberry picking, I noticed the size was small, not even medium sized. Many had been eaten, and then there they were smaller than usual slugs attached to the strawberry skin. Even after getting home and washing/rinsing the berries were a few more pesky slugs, yuck! I really did not not to put them into the compost as they spread fast, so ick on my part I poured salt onto them then took them out.