Green Bean Soup

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    You have just helped me solve a mystery!!!

    In Germany, we use a spice called "bohnenkraut" to cook beans with. It's supposed to help with gas, i guess, but the flavor is really lovely. I had no idea what it was in English. In recipes, they call it Sommer Bohnenkraut.

    Well, turns out the botanical name is Satureja hortensis. Which is.. Summer Savory!

    I guess I could put another label on my bottles now ...

    Your soup sound so marvelous.... and not only because it helped me solve this mystery of the Herb for Beans (-: Thanks for sharing it!

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Welcome @vfk! That is really interesting. I am familiar with "sommer" and of course, "kraut" but had never heard summer savory's German name.

    My background is Mennonite, so have roots in the Netherlands with ancestor movement through Germany & Russia and then on to Canada. This is one of the traditional foods that travelled with them & was passed on to the next generations.

    I do enjoy this soup now. It is really good. I hope you can get a chance to make it too.

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    I am now on a quest to find some summer savory just to try this soup. Something about handwritten recipes just scream comfort food to me. Thank you!

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    You are welcome. Summer savory is easy to grow too.

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