Cold Start to the Summer



  • VermontCathy
    VermontCathy Posts: 903 ✭✭✭✭

    Here in Vermont we are having the same problems that @greyfurball is in Pennsylvania. Winter lasted a couple weeks longer than usual, so spring crops started late. Even when I chitted them inside or started them under lights and transplanted outside, they just sat outside in the cold and waited for things to warm up a bit before starting to grow.

    Then temperatures quickly blasted into the summer range. Our peas are in full flower now and just starting to form pods, but daily highs are already pushing 90, which is very hot for Vermont. At least this weather should be good for the beans, tomatoes, and pickling cucumbers.

    Always plant a variety of stuff, because not everything will produce well every year. Be prepared to lose a crop of any one veggie completely.

  • MissPatricia
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    We had a cool spring, but June has been pretty hot, over 80 degrees. My tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, green beans, okra, sweet potatoes, are coming along well. Peas are finally producing, and beans have just started. Red beets are producing some. They are delicious too.

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