New Drug Ads Attacking Herbal/Natural Remedies

Jeanne Spears
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Twice now I have seen new Big Pharma ads on television attacking non-FDA approved remedies. One claimed that there was no clinical proof cranberry juice. extract or caplets had any effect on urinary tract health, so go see a doctor. The other ad had similar message regarding fish or flax seed oil, that statins were the only sure cure for cholesterol.

Evidently, enough folks are waking up to the truth about prescription drugs that pharmaceutical companies are now trying to scare us away from natural remedies. Sad, considering at least two-thirds of any FDA-approved drug ad is dedicated to the possible side-effects - most of which are worse than what the drug is supposed to be treating.


  • Torey
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    Big Pharma does seem to be running scared. They are either denouncing herbal medicines (sometimes by spreading or encouraging false or misleading information) or seeking to capitalise on them by combining herbs with drugs. Cough and cold meds with echinacea added or Gravol with ginger or Rub A535 with Arnica. Generally speaking, these herbs will do the job effectively if used in the correct doses, without the need for the pharmaceutical.

    If people are being told to see a doctor rather than take cranberry juice or extract, then hopefully the doctor will do their job and recommend that cranberry be added to the diet or taken as a supplement. I do know of doctors who recommend cranberry.

    Dietary changes are supposed to be recommended for lowering cholesterol before a statin is prescribed cause sometimes that is all that it will take. Flaxseed is very commonly recommended by both medical professionals and natural health practitioners as part of that dietary change. So the pharmaceutical companies promoting statins are clearly trying to misinform the public.

    As with anything, do your research before starting to take any medication (pharmaceutical or herbal) or any other type of treatment. You may have a specific contraindication that has not been considered.

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    Big pharma cannot make patents from natural medicine, that equates to no profit. So they try the scare tactics. So some of the gullible, lazy, public, who do not know how to take control of their own health needs, lap it up. No questions asked and take Drs prescriptions and directions as gospel.

    The quest for truthful information can be discovered here at TGN, this is one of the many forums for consideration. Also check out the current series, Proven, hosted by Nick Polizzi. It's all about alternative medicine, peer reviewed, backed by science. If you want to put the effort into being a healthier you, naturally, it's not that difficult. Big pharma is looking over it's shoulder and for once it's worried and so it should be!

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    From early childhood I have always had bad reactions to prescription medication, so I depend on homeopathic or herbal remedies. I watch my co-workers with their pill packs at lunch, discussing their current ailments and treatments while washing down their microwave burritos with diet sodas and gummy bear desserts. Most of them are aware their diet is the root of their problems, and yet they would rather take pills than change their bad habits. Several years ago, some friends were discussing the increasing number of people we knew with cancer, and how, with all our knowledge, there was no cure. I commented there would probably never be a cure, because, like most diseases, there is no money in curing the problem. The pharmaceutical industry can only make money by treating symptoms, and if those treatments cause more side effects to be treated, they make even more money.

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    This is a trigger topic for me.

    I have seen this as far as ADD/ADHD goes as well. Meds are just not the way to go. Of course, there is no cure, but there are actually simple ways to deal with it all. Diet first, then some other helps & the building of coping mechanisms. Sometimes homeschooling can be a catalyst for change (I won't get into all the reasons why here...but there are very many). But great starts with diet...eating real unprocessed foods. But those other foods are so addicting. I think even more so for the ADD/ADHD mind & body.

    The medical community & related ADD/ADHD groups don't only dismiss diet & natural helps, they get angry & mean (for a lack of better words). Been there. It can be frustrating.

    As far as thyroid is the same. Been there.

    Having a baby? The doctor is god and there is so much misinformation, "half truths" or lies. Refuse any of their tests or appointments or whatever else, and you are tagged as troublesome & stubborn. Been there, done that with our many kids. I advocate when I can for expectant mothers to be well informed with truth & be supported.

    We discuss the ads coming out of the US that have beautiful music & happy people while they list these very well proven & dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. The ads are almost laughable that they are meant to convince people, but really, it is downright scary. The doctors here, by law, are supposed to inform you of side effects. Never once have I heard any of them say anything. The pharmacist will at least give a print out, but the doctor is mum.

    About the new ads...many herbal supplement companies are owned by big pharma. I wonder if they are fighting each other too? I know they don't like the "new" herbal movement, but so many are getting more disillusioned all the time and turning to something safer...that works.

    There is a lot of hype via the system that is designed to scare people, and sometimes "crying wolf" will make people stop listening and look elsewhere. I think that is what is currently happening in the medical system.

    Manipulation for money is the name of the game. I could go on about the subject, but I will stop.

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    ... wasn't long ago, a health food store was raided by armed officers, SWAT style, just for selling ginseng.... then, they hit a co-op the same way for selling raw milk. Ah, 'the land of the free"....

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    I think the censorship for natural cures on the internet is an indication that conventional medicine/ pharma doesn't want anything taking money out of their pockets, However this is nothing new, The internet is new but suppression of competition goes back to the formation of the AMA.

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    Another reason that forums like this are so important!

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    @LaurieLovesLearning I’ve seen much of this with my own children, grandchildren now, as well as with friends and coworkers. It’s a shame that we don’t have a choice over so much of our health (?) care. I was put on a pharmaceutical for an auto immune conditioner. The “side” effects included daily wake up with a headache. After taking it for a long while I asked the rheumatologist at a follow up....”can you tell me what this medicine is supposed to be doing in my body? Dr: you don’t like taking your medicine? Me: I didn’t say that, I just want to know what this is supposed to be doing to help? Dr: oh, of you don’t think it’s working, just stop taking it.” WHAT!?!? Truth of the matter is I really don’t think he knew what the medicine does in the body or it’s mechanism of action to buffer an AI symptom. He just prescribed what he was taught in medical school or what the pharmacy reps are pushing.

    @judsoncarroll4 my uncle Ernie was my first glimpse into natural hygiene and alternative care outside of mainstream. He read works from Herbert Shelton and T.C. Frye and told me the stories of when the government sent “people” out to the natural health clinics, ripped the offices apart, stole n burned their records, and sometimes destroyed their clinics totally. My guess now, in retrospect, was the results of what became the flexner report or the repercussions from it (my opinion only) . Personally, I’d prefer a natural approach but there are many others who will continue to choose pharmaceuticals. But that’s what it is and what it should be. A choice. It’s sinful what they are forcing babies, children, and many others to accept vaccines and meds that can be potentially dangerous with no regard for anything else except control and profits.