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Hello - I'm wondering if someone can tell me about any eye washes you do for runny itchy eyes. I can tell it's allergy related but what kills me is I'm able to get rid of all sinus problems with teas, tinctures and elderberry syrup with raw local honey. I've even gotten my nose polyp down to where it doesn't bother me anymore. But my eyes will not stop watering. Driving me nuts I can't get rid of it.


  • Torey
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    This sounds like something that homeopathy might be better suited to than anything herb related. Homeopathy is very individualized but just on the runny eyes symptoms, I might try Allium cepa. Its a fairly common remedy so should be available at most health food store or on line through Amazon.

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    I have very similar symptoms with my allergies @alindsay22. I have had success releaving symptoms (including runny eyes) using "Cold Away" that I purchase from

    I hope you find relief!

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    @alindsay22 I am curious to know what teas & tinctures you have used.

    I was wondering if a chamomile eye wash would help or hinder, or if you could use an eyebright wash.

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    I use a tea of Calendula Flowers for my cat's allergy eyes. It is very soothing on mucus membranes. Possibly it would help.

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    Thanks everyone! Just got a new dog so I've been away for a bit.

    @LaurieLovesLearning I hadn't used anything - eyes are something I've stayed away from and washes always scare me because I'm worried about straining well enough. Someone on another site mentioned just using nettle tea bags. Well I just poured some of my daily tea, which happened to be pretty allergy heavy and included nettle, onto a rag and sat with it on my eyes. Worked pretty well and didn't have to do anything special.

    @monica197 it's interesting you mention the lymphatic system. I do a lot of TRE and lately all my body does is hunch up my shoulders onto the back of my head. I've been thinking it's trying to move the lymph. And yes, eating definitely affects all of it - for me I think it's stress.

    What is TRE you ask? Well let me tell you.... it's a method of involuntary shaking that helps EVERYTHING and rids the body of years of tension & trauma. Best of all, it's free once you know how. Well, it's totally free if you can figure out how to do it from watching youtube. If anyone is interested, I am happy to explain more. I have no affiliation with this method and am not looking for anything monetarily, I just feel everyone should know how.