Adventures in High Performance Gardening 22 - Traveling with Food Reality Check

Marjory Wildcraft
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Hey hey hey, it's Marjory and Lynn again in our Adventures in High Performance Gardening series.

Ever wondered why homegrown food is wayyy better than restaurant or store-bought food? The secret to great-tasting veggies are the minerals! Homegrown food is 100% better tasting and more nutritious.

You don't have to leave your delicious veggies at home either... Traveling with your homegrown food is easy, inexpensive, and great for your health!

Foods that travel really well: hard-boiled eggs | carrots | tin of salt | fresh salads


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  • Jannajo
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    I do not eat eggs, drink milk, eat much better for it! I take fruits, nuts, even squash, potatoes, lettuce is gd in the vid! & the garden! Glad for your fine trip! Went to Mexico, Ixtapa, this March, what a start to this mess! 5g seems twinned with covid, so much going up, so much being stopped, too.