My new favorite spice...

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Amchur! At least, I think it's a spice. It's dried, pulverized unripe mango. I've know of it for years, having seen it in Indian recipes, but I finally bought some a few weeks ago. I think I somehow expected it to be a little nasty; instead it has a lovely savory-sweet tartness. It's just so good! I've used it in several non-Indian dishes, sprinkled it on popcorn, added it too salads...

Traditionally, it's supposed to be good for digestion and preventing flatulence. I think it has helped, but I've gotten away from keeping a food journal, so I'm not really sure.

Here's a bit more info.


  • bcabrobin
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    Where did you buy it?

    In the spice area?

    Did you put butter on popcorn it hold the spice?

  • blevinandwomba
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    I bought it at an Indian grocery store in Mechanicsburg- I think it's called Bombay Bazaar. I don't think I've ever seen it in a regular grocery store.

    I used olive oil on my popcorn. I usually drizzle it with olive oil, give it a toss, add salt and spices and toss again

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    I got mine from Amazon. Learned about it from watching the Great British Bake Off. I loved all of Chetna's recipes so gave it a try. Yummy!

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    I've used amchur in my Indian recipes for years, but never thought of putting it on popcorn or salads. I bet it would be good in scrambled eggs..... thank you ! you've just opened up a whole new way of looking at this stuff!

    (the kitchen experimentation begins...)