Relaxation and tranquility

Nancy Carter
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My flower and vegetable gardens are my areas of relaxation and tranquility. Sitting here taking deep breathes, watching the birds and listening to their songs. The rainbow of color is peaceful and calming. The sky is blue with fluffy white clouds. The breeze feels soft and cooling on a warm day. Taking it all in fills my heart and mind with wonder! For todays post I am concentrating on just being! Pausing to completely absorb the fragrance and sensations of my retreat! The beauty surrounding me is lovely and deeply needed. The flower blooms are inviting the sun to shine brighter upon them. Beaming with color and personality. I feel relaxed and tranquil as the day goes by! A much needed break from the fast paced world out there in the distance! This being my first day on tgn street team, I feel connected and grateful for what surrounds me and the journey that awaits.


  • Karin
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    @cartern72 welcome! You sound very tranquil :) I am jealous as we are heading into our coldest time of year and it is a very grey day outside and forecast to rain all week. But your lovely picture of words brings back the summer to me

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    Welcome @cartern72 ! Yes, it’s true when they say gardening is cheaper than therapy. I enjoy watching the bees first thing in the morning when the squash flowers open as they busily collect their pollen from the squash flowers, then later in the day looking at the pollinator plants in my garden to see who’s visiting, there are so many other pollinating insects besides bees and they are all welcome in my garden. It’s a delight to see the goldfinches have discovered some of my flowers going to seed. All very therapeutic in these crazy times

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    I have turned the page, just as u suggest here, and on Kiss the Ground, a filmmaker told me to smell the flowers, very early, so now I DO! and it is soooo wonderful, I stay in nature just as long as possible, like a new life, at 77, haha, gd post, tu

  • Wendy
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    As winter has arrived in Vermont, and the temperatures have dropped. To feel grounded, relaxed, and invigorated, I make sure to spend time outside every day. As a preschool teacher, I spend at least 30 minutes each day on the playground, under the evergreen trees. Each evening, no matter how chilly, I don my jacket and stand on my deck to check out the night sky. I am blessed by the moon cylcles, constellations, and (silly as it seems) I wave goodnight to Jupiter when it's in view.

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    @Wendy I know exactly how you feel! There's something about that night air, the stars, the moon.

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    Yes, being outside is usually a lovely thing, even in winter. It's cold here, too, but I didn't go outside today because poop trucks have been driving all day, and two days ago as well. Hopefully they will finish this evening, and then it will snow, and we can enjoy the outside world again. I know it's necessary to spread manure onto the fields; it's just not nice while it happens.

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    Today started out with a light dusting of snow but as the day went along it improved. It was never warm but a very comfortable 40 plus with no wind was decent for working outside and the "beasts" were happy.

    I just came in from checking on all the animals. I can hear peepers and its very nice quiet and relaxing. The air is fresh and invigorating this evening. Nice weather for March in NW Pennsylvania.

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    And here in Virginia @Denise Grant, I'm so grateful that we finally had sun and it was above 50 degrees.

    @Nancy Carter your words a year ago make me happy today. They motivate me to be. Just be. How lovely!