I’m covered up in kale! How do you use/store this green?

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I planted a couple of plants 2 years ago and added a couple last year and they have taken over a huge raised bed! I’m getting some rabbits who I’m hoping will help but I would love to somehow preserve some and maybe even find a recipe that my family likes.


  • Torey
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    I add kale to my veggie broths. Kale chips are popular even with people who don't like kale. Dehydrate them for adding to soups, stews, etc. Add to a blend of dehydrated greens for sprinkling on food (eggs, salads, potatoes, etc.). Once blanched and frozen, kale makes a substitute for spinach in lasagna. Kale rolls instead of cabbage rolls. I know someone who makes sauerkraut and adds kale to one of her many types and flavours.

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    I generally use kale as I would collards, but it is also really good in Italian style soups with beans and sausage! Someone asked a more general question on uses for greens a couple of days ago - here is the link; good insturctions on storage. https://community.thegrownetwork.com/discussion/844008/how-i-deal-with-greens-and-a-plea-for-more-ideas-for-using-them#latest

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    We mostly blanch and freeze it, but most of the ideas in this post would apply to kale

    I do have a favorite kale recipe. Cook and crumble sausage of choice- Italian sausage is my go-to but I've done others. Cook kale in water until tender; drain. Saute onion until lightly brown. Add herbs/spices of choice(I use whatever I think is in the sausage, so fennel/garlic/paprika/black pepper for Italian, etc.) and saute briefly. Add sausage, kale, and either sour cream or coconut cream+vinegar(just a spoon or two) until it's creamy enough for your liking. Salt to taste, and heat through

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    I use Kale in place of spinach in some of my recipes and I also like it in smoothies (it is very good for eye health).

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    I use kale in homemade pesto along with olive oil, sunflower seeds, salt and pepper and some lemon juice.

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    Eek! I forgot to mention I add either potatoes or (if cutting carbs) sauteed mushrooms to the kale casserole.

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    I dehydrate kale and then toss with a bunch of different seasonings for chips. Tou really can get them to be pretty flavorful

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    I love juicing it. Gets rid of too much fast.

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    Thanks for all the ideas! My particular favorite is to sauté onion in a fry pan then toss a handful of kale on that and wilt it down then dump a couple of eggs over it all. Unfortunately, eggs make my neuropathy angrier than usual so I can’t eat this often.

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    I blanch and freeze on a cookie sheet in two cup portions. I then store in ziplocks. Over the winter I add it to everything: soups, stews, pasta dishes, stir fries. During the season, Kale chips. I could make a ton and they would disappear!

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    I dry my excess in a dehydrator, then crush into a powder and store in an airtight container. Wonderful for adding a spoonful into winter soups, smoothies.

    The leaves dry quickly in the dehydrator and, although it takes a lot of leaves to get a decent supply of powder, you don't use much powder at a time so it works out quite economical to do.