Losing weight and gardening?

Lisa Pizza
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I found I lose weight and get more lean when gardening. Think it is because I will eat what I grow after all the hard work, but sometimes let bought veggies rot in my fridge before being used.

This guy, Jefferey Restuccio, was an exercise instructor in the military and started as a Groundskeeper in Bostons Botanical Gardens. Wrote a book about tying karate like fitness into gardening, called "Get Fit Through Gardening." It was helpful to see someone else had a similar idea. Just didn't build all the equipment outdoors, use indoor equipment instead. Like his idea, very detailed, and his first edition included his Dad jokes, which made it much better than the second.

What do y'all consider a good garden workout? Do you get in better shape? What routine do you do?


  • Lisa K
    Lisa K Posts: 1,842 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I don't have a routine but for me it is more about releasing stress which reduces cortisol and I tend to also sleep better after working out in the garden.

  • Melinda
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    Having my hands in soil releases stress, so I don't stress eat so much. I also drink more water consciously, because of the heat. But I think mainly, for me, I get a good almost yoga workout because of the stretching and bending.

  • Suburban Pioneer
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    I've GAINED weight (not that I was underweight or anything before moving in and starting our permaculture), but it's mostly muscle mass. Bigger waist muscles, arm muscles, upper chest and calf muscles. Lean but very sturdy back. We live on a somewhat steep slope and I'm mostly a 'one gal band' so all the digging, weeding, and hauling of soil, plants, amendments, hoses, equipment. etc. up and down our property gives me a real workout!

  • judsoncarroll4
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    I do. I'm 6'4"... I'll get up to 210 lbs in the winter, but back to 190-200 every spring/summer.

  • dianne.misspooz
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    I get a good upper body workout with all the digging and shoveling. And I do believe I lost some weight but I won't get on the scale to verify. Sshhhhh, let's just let me believe that, ok? haha

  • marion.lemari
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    I have struggled with my weight for many years, and I cannot lose any of the extra pounds for nothing. I am, however, completely healthy thanks to gardening. I agree with everyone else here. Gardening helps with stress, which reduces cortisol. While I haven't lost any weight, I haven't gained anymore weight either, and I feel much stronger. I am sure it is a whole-body exercise, and I don't know what I would look like if I didn't have my garden. For the purpose of exercising, I often weed my garden beds by hand instead of using tools, or I walk around with a watering can rather than using a hose. I have also been using a lot of stones and rocks recently, which is great weight training.

    Thank you for the book suggestion. I'll definitely try to get that book in the first edition.

  • smik123
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    I find I definitely get a workout as the property is newer for me and hasn't been gardened for years so all the prep time and the hot Alabama sun really gets my heart pumping. And I enjoy it so much.