Any one ever heard of or used this on your plants?

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She (Grandma) had taken an empty gallon container (plastic/milk container), covered the bottom with ammonia, then filled the rest with water. Then she shook it and watered her plants.

Last year, I had tried this on my dying geraniums. Within 2 days, they perked up. Then produced buds everlasting until October. I live in Michigan and they went through frost!

This was sent by one of my groups this morning. I have never heard of my memory.

If any of you could shed light on this, please comment and enlighten those of us who did not know this.


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    Ammonia. NH3.

    It is a building block of nitrate fertilizers. NH4NO3.

    Nitrogen is one of the three basic elements in most commercial garden fertilizers. It is what increases the vitality of green growth in a plant.

    You could also use urine.

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    @torey which totally explains why the grass grows greenest where the dog waters the grass :) I will have to remember this!

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    @silvertipgrizz I've been known to save a whole garden of sweet corn with ammonia. When corn gets too much water it starts to turn yellow and will die. The exact ratio of ammonia to water isn't coming to mind. I was hesitant to try it, but the corn was going to die anyway. The first day I only watered one section with ammonia water. I felt silly, out there in the mud, watering the corn, and was thankful we had no neighbors close. The next morning the corn I'd watered looked better. I braved the mud again and watered the whole dang garden. By the second day the first section was a nice dark green. In four days you couldn't tell there had been anything wrong with the corn.