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I would like to thank Nikki Follis, Director of Happiness & Fulfillment at The Grow Network. Being new to the forum I struggled with what to post. I presented my question to Ms Follis and she enthusiastically got back to me. I felt validated and my trepidation retreated. Thank you Nikki for being attentive and welcoming. Sincerely, L.


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    @tilathehunn A big welcome to this wonderful forum. I felt exactly the same, when I first kicked off. Was cautious about what I asked, thinking it may sound silly. I was warmly embraced and the fear subsided. We are all learning, all the time. I hope you enjoy yourself, amongst like minded people.

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    @tilathehunn Welcome! Seconds on what @jodienancarrow has said. We all should be so lucky as to learn something new every day.

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    I too, have worried at times about what to post. This group has been very welcoming and friendly. Never treated any question I had, or any I read, as if they were dumb or silly questions. Had issues at one point with my log in and contacted Nikki. She was very quick to respond and helped get the situation fixed as quickly as possible so I could access the site again. Wonderful, helpful people. Welcome to the group. I am sure you will enjoy it and learn a lot just as I have been.

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    I, too, am a little timid about what to post. I tend to comment on others' posts presently. However, I'm sure that as my confidence picks up, I'll be able to start my own thread!

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    This is such a wonderful group and I’ve been blessed very much by it and everyone is so enthusiastic and helpful!!

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    @Nikki Follis 👏 Thank you for your kindness to others here! 😎

    To everyone else, I love seeing encouragement of others rather than tearing them apart. It is a practice that is needed more in our modern day.