Into The Wild the story of Christopher McCandless

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I often find my thoughts drifting to the story "Into the Wild". Sometimes triggered by a news story of some hapless person following in his footsteps in Alaska, or maybe a dry riverbed in the desert. The story is so poignant and honest, based on his personal writings and even a camcorder. Imagine what could have been if he had a cell phone and posted "in the cloud". We may have missed so much of his story. There really is something to be said of placing pen or pencil to paper. Also the ability of a good Writer, Jon Krakauer, who took a small story posted in a newspaper and followed the leads and talked to people to tell Christopher's story. I still often think what a loss of this young man, this free spirit who did not know the word can't. He touched so many lives. It is believed he made a grave error that eventually cost him his life but what a life it was....So my question today is to those who wild craft, adventurers, travelers, foragers and any others who find this young man's story as touching and tragic as I have, what would you do differently?


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    @silvertipgrizz Haven't you mentioned this story?

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    I have not heard of this story. I will be looking it up!

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    Is this a book or an article? I'm very interested in it whatever it is.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning No it was not me that previously mentioned it..I don't think lol...but...

    I am very familiar with it as I used to drive past where he lived in the bus when he ate the taters raw and it killed him. It is on the highway between Anchorage and Fairbanks, which I used to drive fairly frequently. I know of his story. If I am remembering it correctly, there is a book and a movie about it. The mistake he made was not doing his research and I'm thinking he almost died on a raft as well. but also if I remember correctly, he just wanted to live free in the BEAUTIFUL ALASKA. people I knew in Nenana used to talk about I'm also thinking he was in town on one of his stops..I will never forget my life there and I miss it dearly when I think of it.

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    This is a fascinating story! I probably wouldn't follow in his footsteps though :)

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    @Ruth Ann Reyes Nor would I. But he was fairly young...oh the very young, too little experience yet in life to really understand so much of what living is..and the pains of the mistakes made, but the glory of learning the lesson and living to pass it on and to benefit from it as well.

    If it weren't for eating the potatoes raw, he might have lived a long and rugged life in the mountains, valleys, waterways and just plain unmatched beauty of Alaska. I of course am partial to it as I dreamed of going to AK for 25 years of my adult life and finally I got to go. It was the adventure of a life time. Many days it still calls me back but alas. as beautiful as it is, and it was truly my home... the cold is just too, growing salsa gardens is not quite so easy there lol.....

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    I fell in love with this movie and have it on DVD. Christopher's thoughts, morals, actions were so pure but naive. The cinematography in this movie is awesome. Bring out the tissues if you watch it. When he realises what he's done and is waiting out the inevitable is gut wrenching.

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    Yes, the bus was just moved. It is hoped it will be set up in a location that will be safe for people to visit. To many people who were not prepared for the trip they undertook made it an unsafe journey and put others at risk to rescue them.