Medical Skills Workshop for When There is No Doctor - Paonia, CO 7.23 - 7.25

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Medical Skills for When There Is No Doctor


Notice: This training is for educational purposes only. The intention of the workshop is to make you a better assistant to trained medics in an emergency and guide you on useful items to stock up on. We are not offering official certifications, medical advice, diagnostics, or treatments of any kind.

​​​​​​The focus of this training assumes a scenario of a severe collapse where qualified medics, instruments, diagnostics, medicines, and other supplies are in limited supply and you are facing a potentially life and death crisis of a family member or neighbor.



  • Trauma assessment a​​​​nd response
  • ​Recognizing and managing shock
  • ​Gunshot, knife, chainsaw, axe and every other wound type you can think of.
  • ​Creating sterile field for surgery
  • ​Debriding, cleaning, suturing and wound closure
  • ​Herbal wound management
  • ​Assessing and managing Dehydration
  • ​Setting broken bones, sprains, splinting
  • ​Burns
  • ​Venomous s​​​​nake and spider bites
  • ​Infection​​​​ control: internal and external
  • ​Dental pain and infections
  • ​Herbal Pain management
  • ​Managing Respiratory infections
  • ​Apocalyptic herbal medicine
  • ​Wild medicine plant walk
  • ​Useful medical equipment and supplies to keep on hand
  • ​Making and using your own medicine (tinctures, poultices, pills, lotions, etc.)



​​The workshop offers a ​combination of lecture, presentations, demonstrations, a wild plant walk, and hands on exercises.



Dr. Patrick Jones is a practicing veterinarian since 1992. In addition he is also a Traditional Naturopath and Clinical Herbalist. As a veterinarian, he regularly treats cases that most health practitioners never see: gunshot wounds, chronic diseases, and trauma make up a regular part of his everyday practice. Dr. Jones has been featured at over 5 Grow Network Summits.

Dr. Jones is also the founder of the “Homegrown School of Botanical Medicine”. He lives in Buhl, ID regularly offering plant walks and workshops to teach the power of using plants to heal. He and his wife have 15 kids (most of them adopted) and with that much experience as a Dad you know he has treated just about every kind of malady you can imagine.


COVID-19 Notice:

Masks, social distancing, or other COVID-19 related precautions will not be required during the live training workshop (unless mandated by law), and participants will need to sign a COVID liability waiver. You are welcome to use these precautions on your own if you choose. If this is a concern for you, please consider the digital access version of the training.



Healthy, locally-grown lunches will be catered and served buffet style. There will be enough options available on the line to self-select for those who are vegetarian or paleo. If you have a very special diet is it recommended you bring your own food.


Live And Recorded Options:

Only 70 seats available for the live workshop!

Please note that all participants of the live workshop will need to sign a photography and video waiver prior to the event. We’ve had such demand for this training that we will be recording the live workshop to be make it available to those who cannot attend in person.



The live workshop will be held July 23rd , 24th , and 25th.

Each day starting at 9:00 am and going until approximately 5:30 pm. Lunch served at 1:00 pm.



The Teen Center in Town Park, Paonia, CO.


When Will The Recordings Be Available?:

We will work as quickly as possible to edit the footage of the workshop.

This is a large video edit project and our best estimate is about four weeks from the date of filming for digital delivery to you.

With your ​purchase, you will get the complete set including videos, audio, and transcripts of the training which will be all be fully downloadable.


Unforeseeable Events Policy:

If we cannot hold the live event due to Governmental rules, the event will still be recorded.

In the case live of event cancellation, all live event participants will be refunded half of their payment and given the digital version when it is completed.


Handouts And Exercise Materials:

All participants will be emailed course handouts prior to the event. You should print them out and bring them with you in a notebook.

​The training includes physical exercise materials and kits for the hands-on exercises such as sutures, hemostats, etc.

Live Event attendees will receive their kits on the first day of training, and digital access purchasers will receive their kits by mail once the video training has been processed and is ready for digital viewing and download (approximately 4 weeks or late August).


To register go here: