How is your garden doing this year?

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The weather has finally gotten warm enough that the small garden I have is starting to grow.

Do you have pests or larger animals how have you kept them out of the garden?

Are you using any herbs or spices to keep the bugs at bay?

Have you harvested anything already? Vegetables, herbs, fruits?


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Ours was planted very late. It has been very dry here, but because there was still grass in our garden area, it stayed too wet somehow, so it couldn't be broken up early. The frost also took a long time to come out this year.

    Considering, my garden is slow.

    We have a fence around the garden to keep the dog out, but he got in somehow anyway. We will have to figure out the weak point, I guess.

    For us, a little rhubarb was harvested, berries will be next, but the rest is a very long way off.

  • Torey
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    A slow start here, too, in Central BC. A cold start to the year; snow stayed late. Lots of rain but very little sun. So things haven't grown well yet. The long range forecast is showing a cooler than average trend for the next 14 days.

    A big disappointment two days ago. Some kind of vermin got into my greenhouse and clipped off half off my plants about 4-5" about ground. Didn't eat any of the clipped bits. Piled them up in one spot. So I'm thinking rat of some kind. Pack rat or Wood rat. Both are common here. The gopher problem has been eliminated so its not them. It could be squirrels but because of the arrogant way that they have piled up all the clipped parts it is more likely a rat. I have liberally dusted everything else with cayenne and no further damage so far.

    We haven't had anything to harvest from the garden yet. Usually by this time we are having salads but not this year.

    It has been too wet to harvest most medicinals or kitchen herbs for drying. I did get a small amount of Arnica and Cottonwood Bud picked earlier to put make oils. Spruce tips were to be next but I think I have missed them all now unless I go up very high into the mountains but still too wet. I have a picnic trip planned to a grassland habitat tomorrow and if the weather holds I might get some picking done there. We may be able to harvest some balsam root and lomatium root. Both great herbs to have on hand for respiratory issues (particularly now). If we are very lucky the cactus will be flowering. Such beautiful flowers!

  • Paradox
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    I didn't do so great at seed starting this year, I'm afraid. Garden is coming along, but not much harvested yet. We have dried a quart jar worth of lemon balm and another of Spearmint. Some catnip is drying now to restock after making a few toys last night. The strawberries wanted to flower, but since it's a new bed, we pinched them off. The three trees are starting to put out some leaves. The garlic is scaping, so we'll harvest those soon. Also filling a bucket with dried various greens for the rabbit for winter.

  • dipat2005
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    Sounds like gardening is coming along. I too was amazed that the cooler weather didn't stop until last week. It is true that we have had some really nice weather before that but the nicer weather didn't stick around.

  • dipat2005
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    As I sat in the dental chair a few weeks ago (I have an issue with doing this) the Dental Assistant told me it was too late to start a garden. I explained to her that she could still plant a garden. I had just barely put in 1/2 of my garden. I like to plant in intervals. I have had a small child's foot print and a dogs paw print in the garden. In the last two days I have been watering with cayenne pepper (powdered) and black pepper. In preparing this mixture I have had violent sneezing attacks. The weather has warmed up more now so I think I can tell the weeds from the seedlings.