Fish emulsion

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I have some fish emulsion fertilizer. I want to fertilize my garden (tomatoes, Corn, peppers, squash and beans). Do I need to add anything else to it to make a complete fertilizer? I am going completely organic and I am not sure of the best fertilizer plan. Thanks for any input.


  • EarlKelly
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    @ Karen the fish emulsion is a great beginning. It is a 5-1-1 fertilizer for your plants. Think I would add some bonemeal to complement your fish emulsion. Then in the fall I would get a soil test of your garden. This way you know exactly where you stand with your soil. You can add what you are low on and in the spring you should have even better soil. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    @Karen I also use fish emulsion. But I also use epsom salt, either mixed in the soil to be planted (if I remember), or as a foliar spray about, I"m thinking every 2 weeks..but the pkg will tell you...

    And...if I had it available I would always us chicken manure, aged or it will burn your plants so be sure the the chicken manure is aged enough...Once I got a bit from my aunt and piled it next to the garden about a foot or so away and that was my first ever best crop. It was also the first time I had ever used it. If I had worked it into the soil with the plants it prolly would have killed/burnt up every thing planted in it as it was fresh.