Bee balm

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Bee balm is native to the Great Plains, where I live, so it's very easy to grow here. In fact, it reseeds itself and shows up as a volunteer sometimes. It's beautiful and good for you, and bees love it. It's good for digestion, colds & flu, bacterial and fungal infections and sunburns. It warms us from the inside out, and that helps break up stagnant conditions like respiratory infections. I harvested & dried this bee balm a couple of days ago, and I'll be harvesting lots more so that I can share with friends & family. I'm making some tincture this year, too, just in case.


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    I love it too. I call it Monarda. I collect leaves and I add them to boring tasting herbal teas. I did not know that it itself is so useful for health. Thank you for sharing 😊

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    I was just discussing this with someone yesterday - I'm going to sow some bee balm in my garden ASAP

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    I find that hummingbirds just love the tall red kind....

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    I grow Monarda didyma, that's the tall red kind. Mine is just starting to blossom now. When enough blossoms happen, I collect the blossoms and make them into a red vinegar.

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    Yes, my red ones are just now blooming!

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    I checked mine today (I am in Ohio) and I finally see the flower buds forming. My neighbors are already blooming so I am not sure why mine are being lazy! I can't wait to harvest some!