Fascinating visual exploration of the plant-based dietary revolution and its economic impact

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Fascinating simple graphs with facts about the history and current economic impacts of veganism, vegetarianism, and the rush to provide plant-based meat substitutes to the growing global vegan movement: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/vegetarianism-tapping-into-the-meatless-revolution/

A perfect short read for anybody interested in how food and ag corporations both big and small are attempting to cash in on the plant based dietary revolution.


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    Bumping this up as it is an important issue to be aware of.

  • It is indeed a growing industry. It's becoming apparent that for some it's much more sustainable than the alternative. When you have a homestead it is much more likely you can supply your meat, dairy, eggs etc. While you can grow a surprising amount of food on your third floor apartment balcony it won't exactly fit a milk cow 😁. People are starting to realize they may have to rely on their selves to supply at least part of their own food because if things go south their grocery shelves may be empty or they may not have the funds to buy as much.

    As I look back over this year (I know it's not New Year's yet but dang it's been a tough year) our world has seen a lot of changes and that is likely to continue. The "status quo" may not exist for most of us anymore. I think that may be driving the dietary changes at least in part.

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    I feel a whole food diet, whether plant based or plants and animal, is so much better for your health than a processed food vegetarian meat alternative. Many people assume even highly processed plant based foods are healthy for you and big companies take advantage of that.