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My Stall at the Market — The Grow Network Community
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My Stall at the Market

Noel DaveyNoel Davey Posts: 30 ✭✭✭

Hi All , just wanted to have a chat about my adventure with my stall at my local market. Growing plants for the market is fun most of the time you can never really know what people like so the more different plants you have the more people will come in and may even buy.

Over the year that i have been going to the market i discovered that medicinal or spiritual plants seem to be most popular as i would ask people what they would like to see in my stall.

One man who grew just Chilies would buy 3-4 bottles of my worm tea just to feed his chilly collection he told me he was trying to grow the hottest chilies. Others would tell me they like to find something different and a lot of the time i had different plants some people considered weeds.

It can be funny when people say i have tried but rabbits or possums eat my plants so people just give up. I have found that animals do not eat all the plants and some they never eat, so i think people need to plant different plants and experiment to see what happens.

The main reason i went to the market and set up the stall was to help others or to try to inspire people to discover growing food for health and healing and to create a larger growing community locally.

Some time this year there was a very stormy dark wet day and the lights in the parking area which is were the market is held kept going out and to my surprise i still had some people come by to chat and purchase items.

Also many times i would get more sales as i am packing up to leave.

I really miss the market stall and hope that will start up again soon as our lock down is Aussie is starting to end.

The things i miss is the people coming to have a look and chat about how to grow and how to improve soil and some times just to have some one to talk about their garden.

Leave comments please or questions i will try to answer.


  • jodienancarrowjodienancarrow Mid North Coast AustraliaPosts: 787 admin

    @Noel Davey Welcome to TGN. Where abouts in Aus are you located? I'm on the Coffs coast. Plant stalls at markets are my absolute fav. The more variety the better. Love the edible, usable plants. I'm trying to maintain a self sufficient mantra, so always on the lookout for different plants, especially herbs that are hard to get. With the easing of covid lockdown, markets will hopefully kick off again. Up this way we have a great choice, Bellingen being one of the most popular. Anyway good luck in the future.

  • Noel DaveyNoel Davey Posts: 30 ✭✭✭

    Hi @jodienancarrow I am located Upper North Shore , Yes people are all ways after different plants for health and of interest. I do well with Ayurveda plants such as Holy Basil (Tulsi), and Ashwagandha .

    Looking forward for the coming months.

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