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Finding unusual onions — The Grow Network Community
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Finding unusual onions

VermontCathyVermontCathy Posts: 676 ✭✭✭✭
edited November 2020 in Vegetables

I have tried different approaches to growing bulbing onions, but none really satisfy me. Planting sets can work, but not many varieties are readily available. Planting from transplants works, but the resulting bulbs are pretty small and the plants are fragile. Saving seeds isn't practical for me because I don't have enough garden space yet to do a 2-year cycle.

I know some gardeners have had good success with bulbing onions, but for me, they are still challenging.

So beginning this year, I planted potato onions and two types of shallot purchased from the Maine Potato Lady. While these produce relatively small bulbs, they grow very well and produce strong plants. I plan to continue these in the future.

I'd like to try several other unusual kinds of onions, but haven't been able to find a source. Can you help?


  • VermontCathyVermontCathy Posts: 676 ✭✭✭✭

    [hit return too soon - continued here]

    Scallions are easy, and we grow them too, but I'm looking for something to replace bulbing onions. I'd strongly prefer ones that can produce seed for future years, making me independent of seed sources.

    I'm looking for multiplier onions, especially:

    -- Green Mountain potato onion bulbs, which are larger than most potato onions but hard to find

    -- I'itoi onion bulbs, which spread out like a ground cover and keep renewing themselves, but are almost impossible to find

    -- Egyptian walking onions, which form a bulbil on top that falls over and reseeds itself; these seem to be available from a few sources

    -- any other multiplier onions you recommend

    I hope someone can help with these. I recommend that other gardeners give the potato onions and shallots a try, especially if you've struggled with bulbing onions.

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