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I'm kind of one of those crazy healthy people that likes to dive into the science of food, exercise, meditation etc. Unfortunately, I have one very large vice and even though I know without a doubt all of the very scary reasons to not, I still smoke. I quit (again) this morning and am wondering if those of you that have been successful in quitting would please share your success stories.

Thanks in advance!


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    I am not a smoker, but appreciate clean air & things. Our family becomes very sick when we are around it and one gets migraines as well. Even if we social distanced before it was a thing, the second hand smoke seemed inescapable. We haven't seen one set of grandparents for now years because of that issue (we just couldn't put our kids through it anymore) and it is very sad.

    I want to encourage you to stick with it. Replace the habit with fantastic things so you are less tempted to go back.

    I hope you find good support & tips here.

    Welcome to the TGN forum. You will find plenty of things to learn and meet some fantastic people! It is a wonderful community.

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    Smoking is such a terrible addiction. Some say it is harder to quit than heroine. Keep at it! It will get easier every day, though you may have some days that feel like the first. It will pass. Keep at it!

    Dr. Christopher has a product called Smoke Out. It is available at several sites including Amazon and Dr. Christopher's website. Keep at it!

    There are herbal smoking mixtures on the market that may help with the physical habit of have a cigarette in hand as well as be beneficial for helping to clear out your lungs. I know that sound contrary but herbal smokes have been used for centuries to help clear lungs. Mullein, coltsfoot, lobelia, marshmallow, skullcap, lemon balm are some that are found in herbal smoking blends. Keep at it!

    Auricular acupressure has been successful for some. If you are doing it yourself instead of seeing a practitioner, there are kits that you can get with ear "seeds" that you tape over the pressure points on your ear. When the desire for a cigarette occurs you push on the seeds at the acupressure points. Kits can be purchased online at several sites including Amazon. Keep at it!

    Sucking on a piece of raw licorice root might help (as long as you don't have high blood pressure). Gives you something to do with your hands. Keep at it!

    If nausea is a symptom of your withdrawal (everyone is different), you could try ginger. Keep at it!

    Add cayenne to as much as possible. It desensitizes the respiratory system to tobacco, thus reducing cravings. Cayenne water every morning is good for everyone. Keep at it!

    Lime juice has been suggested as a quit smoking aid. This could be added to the cayenne water. Keep at it!

    Valerian and/or skullcap can help with the restlessness, insomnia and anxiety that accompany withdrawal. Keep at it!

    It has been suggested that Lobelia (active ingredient lobeline) may increase dopamine activity similarly to nicotine, reducing cravings. Lobelia is in several quit-smoking products. Keep at it!

    I'm sure as a nutritionist, I'm sure you know that Vitamin C can help repair the oxidative stress damage that smoking has created. Keep at it!

    Last but not least, some essential oils may help. Black pepper, lavender and others but maybe an aromatherapist on the forum can offer advice on that subject.

    KEEP AT IT !!!!!

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    This may not be the most helpful suggestion, but you may want to look into the roots of your issue... is it truly addiction, or habit? I have smoke tobacco off and on for over 20 years. I'll smoke daily for a month or two... then just forget about it for a few months. Sometimes, it is pleasant, sometimes it just doesn't interest me. Now, I smoke natural, burley tobacco. I do believe that modern cigarettes have chemicals in them that may be far more addictive and harmful than anything in natural tobacco. I had a severe back injury when I was younger - was partially paralyzed and in intense, debilitating pain for quite a while. I became physically dependent on the pain meds. When I quit, I didn't sleep for over 10 days and nights , had hallucinations... all kinds of awful stuff. I know what true, physical addiction is. If you suffer from true addiction, you have my sympathy, but I can't give any advice. If it is habit, perhaps you can substitute something healthier. A friend of mine experimented with various herbal mixtures for smoking, while he weened himself off of smoking cigarettes. Lobelia was the base. He added a few herbs for relaxation - hops and valerian... ma huang in small amounts as a stimulant and mullein to help soothe the lungs. Some people smoke rabbit tobacco alone and it works for them. Best wishes!

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    I've been trying for years to find somebody else who smokes hops. Interesting to see the blend your friend used.

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    @Dani I am unfortunately in a similar place. I KNOW that it is bad and I WANT to change it BUT it is very hard! I have quit so many times only to come back and start over. Since September I have quit and restarted, quit and restarted to the point of ridiculousness. So on June 1st I started a different approach. I gradually reduced consumption to a point that doesn't cause me anxiety. At unset times I would go one less a day until I am now at two to three a day (honestly, the times I go to three is usually when I realize in the evening that I only had two that day! I try to keep myself off that train of thought and redirect it since I realized what I was doing.) I will not smoke in the house, I may in the car if there is no one with me. I know some will say that if I can limit it to that why can't I quit? My answer is because it's hard! I'm working on it.

    I use the raw licorice sticks, but I found that by accident and was surprised when I saw @torey suggest it. It helps the hand/mouth physical habit. I also found that like the studies say, the craving only lasts a brief period of time, if you can distract yourself when the craving hits it will usually pass. When the craving hits, I ask myself why now? What is going on that makes me want to smoke? Sometimes I carry this internal conversation on until I realize the craving is gone and I move on. I am indeed a work in progress and I am still evaluating my "triggers".

    I had thought of using an herbal smoking blend, but chose not to go that route since it is substituting one for another and really inhaling any "smoke" is in essence considered by some as still a carcinogen.

    Hang in there and keep trying! Don't give up giving up! And most importantly, Be Kind To Yourself, don't beat yourself up when you mess up, just get up and start over.

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    I was a smoker for 20 odd yrs. Tried to give it away many times. Then 18yrs ago, I had a bad flu, felt horrible. Went to light up and just said, "enough is enough". Not only was my health suffering but my wallet too! I worked out I could have paid off another house mortgage with what I'd spent on cigarettes! @Dani and @Desiree it is hard but it's a mindset and if you're in the right mindset you can achieve anything. I just went cold turkey, didn't plan or think about it like I had in the past. I remember the first 2 weeks being tough but I kept thinking, you got this, one day at a time. I'm now proud to say it's 18 yrs since I touched a cigarette, my health has improved. I feel better at 57, than I did at 37! Plus my wallet is happier too! It will be the best thing you can do for you, with no regrets.

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    @torey i had no idea that cayenne has that effect! Good to know. 👍

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