fruit kvass- a refreshing summer beverage

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I make a lot of this in the summer. It has a fair amount of minerals and isn't very sweet, so it goes down well on a hot day. The original recipe is from Wholesome Home Cooking by Katie L. Stoltzfus. It's a wonderful cookbook, by the way.

Antioxidant Grape Kvass

1qt. Concord grapes

1/2 Tablespoon high quality salt

1/4 cup whey

Put grapes in a 2qt. jar. Crush and add remaining ingredients. Stir or shake to combine and fill jar with water. Ferment on countertop for two days, then refrigerate.

I use all kinds of soft fruit in this. I have a batch with sweet cherries in the fridge and am making sour cherry today. I wonder if the latter might help one sleep since sour cherries have melatonin. I have done blueberry and it's very good. My currants are getting ripe, so the next batch may be blueberry-currant.

Coconut water is a good rehydrating drink, but this is nice because I can make it with locally sourced ingredients.

Just a note: If you use cherries, make sure that you pit them. The kvass would have cyanide if you don't!